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What song would save you from Vecna? Spotify tells you • ENTER.CO

We are counting down the minutes to see the end of Stranger Things. And a good way to kill time is to listen to music while literally doing whatever keeps us sane while praying to God that Eddie Munson makes it out alive at the end of the season. In fact, your playlist may have at least three different versions of ‘Running up that Hill’, the song that saved Max from Vecna.

The only weak point of Stranger Things’ latest monster is quite original: the only way to escape its nightmares is in your favorite song. Which leads us to wonder: What would be the song that would save you from Vecna? Some will be able to answer without hesitation which song they would put on replay if they got stuck on the Other Side, but others might have trouble choosing. No problem: Spotify has the answer.

Taking advantage of the excitement for the end of ‘Stranger Things 4’, the music streaming service has created an option for you to create ‘Playlist from the other side’. Using the songs you’ve listened to the most in your account, the service creates a playlist with your favorite songs. You can check what the songs would be you can enter this link.


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Although music has always been one of the main points of Stranger Things, the most recent season of the show has made it part of the same plot. It also helps that one of the season’s most iconic moments used Running up that Hill brilliantly. The song has risen to and remained at No. 1 on iTunes, No. 2 on Spotify, as well as seeing an 8,700% increase in playback position on streaming services.

The last two episodes of Stranger Things 4 premiere exclusively on Netflix on July 1.

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