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What signs are the most suspicious of the zodiac for fear of being hurt

Trust is a value that takes time to be earned, but it can be lost in a short time. When you are the victim of a betrayal, the lesson you learn is not to be so trusting and the trauma can make it harder to believe in people. So are some signs of the zodiac.

Leo, Scorpio and Aries are the zodiac signs most likely to be distrustful for fear of being hurt. If in the past they had a bad experience, it is difficult for them to stumble if they are the same stone, since their astrological personality works as a brake that prevents them from trusting others.

Not being so gullible has its advantages, but it also has its consequences. They padlock their hearts so they could let go of great opportunities to love and be loved, and that is that in the universe the key is to have a balance.

Why are Leo, Scorpio and Aries the most suspicious signs of the zodiac? An article on the HorosRd.com site explained why.

This sign thinks that if something is too good it is because it is not. He believes that people who approach with good intentions do so because there is a hidden interest behind it. Although this may be true and does not necessarily mean that they have a Machiavellian purpose, the problem is that Leo immediately becomes defensive.

They observe that person’s behavior even obsessively, which can annoy and be perceived as pretentious. He does not trust himself, he watches his back with determination, so he does not let things flow, he wants to have absolute control of the situation.

He usually marks an emotional distance from people because he is terrified of getting hurt, for this reason, Scorpio seems to be a cold and calculating sign.when in reality he is emotional and sensitive.

They have a hard time opening up to friends, partners and even family members; If they suffered a bad experience in the past, they will do what is necessary to avoid feeling the bitterness of betrayal again.

If you perceive that Aries behaves arrogant and aggressive, it is because he is raising a barrier so as not to trust. They doubt the abilities of others for what wants to take control of everything at once instead of letting everyone do their job.

The same thing happens in love, they don’t believe that a person falls in love as fast as he does, that’s why he tends to be suspicious for fear of being the only one.

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