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What signs are the most and least adventurous of the zodiac

Strong emotions, sudden changes and traveling aimlessly are sensations that are not suitable for everyone in the zodiac.. The most adventurous signs have no problem leaving everything behind to live a new experience, on the contrary, there are those who feel comfortable in their safety zone and there is no one to move them from there.

The most adventurous signs live on the edgeThey love adrenaline and are always looking for something that will take their breath away. They are excellent travel companions and accomplices in the craziest plans.

For its part, less adventurous signs prioritize order and safety. Although they like to live new experiences, they do it in their own way. Everything has a control and they follow a roadmap.

Based on a ranking prepared by the HorosRD.com site, we tell you which signs are the most and least adventurous of the zodiac.

The 3 most adventurous zodiac signs

1. Sagittarius

It is the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. She loves new experiences, the sensation of the unknown and is carried away by his instincts. He does not support routines or things that make him feel chained, he is always waiting for something to turn his life around. The downside is that he often makes unreasonable decisions and doesn’t measure the consequences.

2. Aquarius

If something perfectly defines this zodiac sign, it is independence. His willingness to learn new things makes him very adventurous. The personality of an Aquarius is unpredictable so it is difficult to know what is going through their mind. If he decides, he lets himself be carried away by his instincts because for him they are opportunities to learn.

3. Leo

He is the enthusiast of the zodiac, so he does not refuse the most crazy plans. He is brave and if he is challenged to live an unconventional experience, he does not hesitate, he lets himself go. A Leo hates routine, so he is looking to break the rules.

The 3 least adventurous signs of the zodiac

1. Virgo

He is meticulous, calculating, perfectionist and organized. He cares about following a plan, so he’s not one to go on impromptu trips. He hates the feeling of danger and gets upset when things don’t go his way. Everything has a logic and a process, so it is not characterized by being crazy.

2. Capricorn

The most important thing for Capricorn is to meet his goals and he focuses his energies on achieving them. Sudden trips, improvised plans and last minute changes are just distractions. He is patient and prudent; if you want to live a new experience, you will have it planned in your roadmap, not before or after.

3. Taurus

He is very persistent, stubborn and loves routine. Safety is a priority for him, so the feeling of not being in control can be scary and uncomfortable. He almost does not get involved in risky situations, unless it is proven that there is no imminent danger.

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