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What signs are the least jealous of the zodiac, according to the opinion of astrologers

Jealousy could be determined by the stars And it is that, according to astrologers, our zodiac sign has a lot of influence when that feeling invades us in love, friendship, work or any type of relationship.

There are signs that are especially jealous for many reasons. They compare themselves to others, they want what others have or because of their insecurity, because they believe that a friend or partner will change them for another person because they are not good enough for them.

But on the opposite side are the signs that are not jealous in the slightest. They rarely feel threatened, are self-confident and emotionally calm. According to the opinion of astrologers on the Best Life site, these are the least jealous signs of the zodiac.

Jealousy is not a feeling that Sagittarius usually have. At work he knows how to recognize when another person is successful, the same in friendship. The achievements of others are an inspiration to them.

When it comes to romance and friendship, jealousy is not a problem. They know that distance is a factor that gives breath to relationships. They let you have friends, but they want the same thing back.

It is not a sign that feels attached to material things or relationships of affection. They value a spiritual or intellectual connection more than anything else. Although they can be jealous occasionally, they do not represent danger; they conceptualize them, analyze them and find logical and thoughtful justifications to free them, so that they don’t stay inside for long.

It is rare that such an emotional sign occupies a place in this list. What happens, according to astrologers, is that Cancer likes to see their loved ones win and succeedcall yourself family, friends or a partner, even if in this last category it implies letting her go.

This sign is guided more by the mind than by its emotions. Although they can feel jealousy, they are not as intense as in the rest of the signs. They try to see things sensibly so they are open to hearing explanations.

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