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What should be done after receiving the INSS concession letter?

Upon receipt of the letter of concession from the INSS, the insured person from the public body has documentation that can serve to guarantee his right to one of the benefits offered by the INSS.

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The INSS concession letter is considered as a document that can confirm both the approval and denial of a person’s benefit request to the public body. It contains a series of information referring to the calculation of the value of the benefit granted to the INSS and to the bank that is responsible for payment in case of approval; and the reasons for the public body to deny the request for the benefit to the insured person.

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The average time it takes for the result of the analysis of the application for a benefit by the INSS to come out is a period of 45 days so that the public body can evaluate all the documentation sent by the insured person and, if necessary, make the request of medical expertise. With that done, it remains for the INSS to approve or not the request for the benefit for the insured person.

What if I delay the receipt of the letter of concession by the Post Office?

If the receipt of the concession letter by the Post Office is delayed after the 30-day period has been given, you must contact the number 135 or, if you prefer, go to a branch of the INSS city ​​or consult your concession letter through the Meu INSS portal.

Can I withdraw the INSS concession letter over the internet or through the Meu INSS application?

Yes, it is possible that the INSS concession letter can be withdrawn via the internet and also through the Meu INSS application. For this, you need to see which of the services is the most ideal for you to use, but both are easy and practical to use.

How do I know the benefit grant date?

The benefit granting date is stated in the INSS granting letter, as well as other information such as the place of payment, the type and number and the monthly amount of the benefit, as well as its scheduling, entry and termination date and the your calculation memories.

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