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What rituals to do on the new moon in July to attract love, health and prosperity

A few hours after the new moon of July 28 It is time to think about the rituals that we can carry out to take advantage of its energy. This lunation will happen with the natural satellite and the Sun aligned in Leo, so we can ask for wishes focused on the areas that this sign governs, such as the personal connections of the heart and our desires.

The cycle that begins with the new Moon ends 6 months later with the full Moon in the same zodiac sign and that is when we begin to see the results. This is because, as the days go by, the energy increases and the seeds we plant do too. And it is that, in astrology, the new moons are ideal to start cycles, projects and manifest desires.

If you want to do a ritual to take advantage of its energy, the specialized site lunalogia.com recommends do it at the exact time of the new moon (July 28 will occur at 1:55 p.m. ET) up to 3 days later and recommends some options to attract love, health and prosperity.

white candle
A white candle is the element that you will occupy in the 3 rituals. Photo: Shutterstock

New moon ritual to attract love

One of the main themes of the new moon in Leo is passion. This energy can be used to attract love or strengthen ties with our partner and start a cycle closer than ever. For this ritual you will need a white candle, brown sugar and rose petals.

The moon spell begins by spreading the sugar and rose petals on a flat surface such as a large dinner plate, tray, or cutting board. Roll the candle over the sugar so it adheres.

Take the candle with both hands, close your eyes and visualize for 3 minutes how an energy of pure love permeates your being. Light the candle saying “love surrounds me and inhabits me” and let it burn out completely.

New moon ritual for health

If you want to have a lot of health in the next cycle, this is the ritual you need. You will occupy a white candle, dried thyme and turmeric powder.

On an extended plate, spread the thyme and turmeric powder. Pass the candle lying down through these elements to anoint it with its energy. Take the candle with both hands, close your eyes and imagine how a golden light enters your head and warms your entire body. Do this visualization for 3 minutes.

Light the candle with a match and imagine for 1 minute that the golden light is inside your body. let the candle burn down completely.

New moon ritual to attract prosperity

When what you most need to start this new cycle is abundance and prosperity, this ritual can help you obtain it. You will occupy a white candle, cinnamon powder and traditional or star anise.

Spread the cinnamon on the body of the candle until it is impregnated. He takes the candle in your hands and repeats this prayer: “Dear Universe: I thank you for all the good things that come into my life. I am ready for more. I cancel all blockage to material and economic abundance. From this moment I am ready to receive all the abundance. Thank you”.

Light the candle with a match and take a few minutes to thank the universe for what you have lived, what you live and will live soon.

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