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What rituals to do at the end of the year if you want to get married in 2023

A new year means the valuable opportunity to walk down the aisle and if you want to achieve this resolution in 2023, there are some end of the year rituals that you can perform to see your dream of getting married crystallize with the love of your life.

Most people go to rituals to attract prosperity in the year that has just begun. Among the most popular are eating the 12 grapes to the sound of the bells, sweeping money to attract prosperity or leaving with your suitcases if you want to travel more.

If your most cherished purpose is to get marriedhere are the rituals that you must do in the New Year, so get ready so that in 2023 you swear eternal love with the partner of your dreams.

underwear ritual

Wearing an undergarment in the color associated with your desires is one of the most common New Year rituals. in the case of love red or pink underwear is recommended. You just have to keep in mind that it must be given as a gift, because if you buy it for yourself, it does not have the same effect, according to popular wisdom.

End of year exchange ritual

If you have a partner and both have not decided to step down the aisle for whatever reason, this ritual is the one for you. It consists of giving something to each other just when it strikes 12 at night on January 1. It is said that this way they will ensure to be together in the year that has just begun.

kiss ritual

It is a beautiful rite that many couples do, but perhaps they do not know its meaning. Hugging and kissing in the first seconds of the year symbolizes swearing love and commitment. The sincerity of this ritual is the magic that will make it work.

love letter ritual

If you have a partner, but you will not spend the end of the year together, a very romantic gesture is to write a letter. Take advantage of these days to write it, give it to him and tell him to read it just when it strikes 12 at night. Express everything you feel for him or her, so he or she will get the message and the idea of ​​marriage will probably enlighten him or her soon.

red candle ritual

As its name indicates, the ritual consists of lighting a red candle just at the moment the clock strikes 12 at night. You can anoint the candle with your favorite perfume so that the magic is more powerful and if you have the suitor’s name, write it down on a piece of paper with a red pen and place it under the candle before lighting it.

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