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What rights do people with diabetes have in the INSS?

Diabetes is a disease whose characteristic is, in principle, an increase in blood sugar, and if not properly treated, it can lead to a lot of organ damage. This disease can bring a consequence in the life of the worker, preventing many people from carrying out their daily tasks, guaranteeing, by law, some benefits from the government.

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What is diabetes and its effects?

There are several types of diabetes, such as type 1, type 2, pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes. It can cause various damages to the organism of the carrier of the disease, which can have severe damage to the organs. With these problems, the person with diabetes may be prevented from making a lot of effort if not properly treated in the right way.

What benefits will the diabetic professional find in the INSS?

The worker who is undergoing treatment, with the need to be away for more than 15 calendar days, may be requesting help from the INSS. In which you will receive the sick pay, which you will be receiving for the entire time that you are unable to perform your job duties.

What is needed for workers to guarantee their disability retirement?

In these situations, the person with diabetes must submit to an INSS expertise so that his condition is proven in a concrete way. And you must follow some minimum principles to be requesting the benefit. Being them:

  • Have at least 12 months of proof of collection for the INSS.
  • Prove the veracity of the disease through examinations and reports that prove that there is a need for assistance.
  • Prove the onset of disability.

All these steps can be requested on the INSS website or through the MY INSS app.

Where to apply?

At first, the worker must be requesting sickness benefit, because in order to apply for disability retirement, the individual must have a degree of illness that permanently prevents him from exercising work.

When this incapacity exists, the request for disability retirement is made through the INSS website, through the application of the Play Store and App Store called MY INSSor through the Call Center by calling 135.

In order for the worker to obtain this request, he must undergo several tests that prove that he is not capable of working, these tests are required by the INSS itself, which has its doctors for the evaluation of these conditions.

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