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What releases do we expect from the Apple event? • ENTER.CO

It’s been almost a year since we met the iPhone 13, the latest Apple cell phone, but fans can’t wait to find out all the details of the one that will dethrone the iPhone 13; since then we have read all kinds of rumors about the iPhone 14. But, the wait is almost over; the event where we will learn about the iPhone 14, in addition to other news, will be held on September 7.

The event was confirmed after Apple sent the official invitations where a constellation with the company’s logo is observed. But what do we expect to see? Without a doubt, we will see the new iPhone members: iPhone 14 with its four models. Likewise, what is also expected for sure is the launch of its new smart watch, the Apple Watch Series 8. Both devices will be the main focus of the event and the reason why we will also see news regarding the operating system.

Yes, we are talking about iOS 16, the new version of the operating system that will equip the iPhone 14 and future phones with improvements such as the always-on screen, display of the battery percentage and the protection against cyberattacks that the company boasts. Regarding the clock; The biggest news that is expected is the arrival of a new older brother with the surname ‘Pro’.

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On the other hand, in terms of launches (of which we are not sure yet) that Apple fans are waiting for, there are the AirPods Pro 2, which have also been among rumors for a long time, but of which the company has not yet had talked. And it is that, the leaks of the hearing aids gained strength after it became known that Apple is betting on Bluetooth 5.2 as standard technology.

Finally, based on the previous versions of the event, we could see a new model of iPad and/or iPad mini; however, the leakers have not revealed any relevant details in this regard. The truth is that, after the EU approved the USB-C cable as a standard charger, an announcement is expected from the company regarding which devices will begin to implement said port.

Image: Official Apple

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