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What psychological disorder is most common in each zodiac sign

The signs of the zodiac have unique peculiarities, and although we like to hear what their advantages and strengths are, astrology can also tell us the most hidden part that each one hides, for examplewhich psychological disorder is most common in our cosmic personality.

It certainly does not mean that we suffer from a mental illness. The stars are a guide that helps us understand what we are most vulnerable to, therefore, which personality disorder is more risky for our sign. According to a review by YourTango.com, the following is the psychological disorder that can affect each sign the most.

The most prone psychological disorder in Aries is the explosive disorder, that is, exaggerated spontaneous outbursts of anger. Not for nothing is it considered the most aggressive sign of the zodiac.

If you are a Taurus, your most dangerous disorder is obsessive-compulsive disorder.. His rigid, stubborn and inflexible demeanor leads him to focus on order, and when he is not in control, he panics.

The idea of ​​being alone does not please any Gemini, even, it is difficult for them to lead an independent life. That’s why his most risky disorder is his dependent personality.

Cancer builds very thick barriers around its heart to prevent it from being hurt. That’s why, his most common disorder is his paranoid personality disorder.

They may develop narcissistic personality disorder because they are in love with themselves. At the extremes, he believes that no one is better than him and has the right to be treated differently than others.

Borderline personality disorder is the most common in VirgoThis is because they can become manipulative in order to keep a person close to them.

Libra may think that they don’t deserve to be happy, which contrasts with their kind and focused nature towards others. Because of this tendency, its most common disorder is dissociative personality disorder.that is, he believes that he is his own enemy.

It is the most reserved and mysterious sign of the zodiac, when these characteristics take them to the extreme, You may have avoidant personality disorder.which means that he will escape from any social situation and refuse to talk about his emotions.

Because of his risky and rebellious personality, may fall into antisocial personality disorderthat is, they believe that the rules do not apply to them.

The most common psychological disorder in Capricorn is their tendency to perfectionismeither. They are very hard-working and responsible, so they can panic when their projects don’t shine enough.

Being an eccentric sign, it moves between sanity and madness. When he leans more towards his talkative side he can end up becoming schizotypal.that is, he believes that the world works in a strange way, very different from what is normal.

As the most sensitive and empathetic sign of the zodiac, you can become addicted to attracting attention. That is why his common disorder would be histrionic personality disorder.

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