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What parcel does Aliexpress deliver in Mexico?

Who delivers AliExpress Standard Shipping Mexico packages?

The best shipping option in AliExpress, due to cost and speed, is EMS shipping. This system is traceable and it is possible to pay for insurance in case the package has a mishap. If what you are looking for is the fastest shipping, private packages such as DHL and FedEx are your best option.

Who delivers AliExpress Standard Shipping in Mexico?:

The package will be delivered through the state e-mail service (exactly the same one that delivers the cards) and the benefits of the package being stopped by customs are the same as in another requested item sent by China.

What is the local AliExpress delivery company in Mexico?

Cainiao, the logistics company in charge of Aliexpress shipments worldwide, announced the opening of an unprecedented distribution center for Mexico. The sophisticated is located in Tultepec, State of Mexico, 30 km from Benito Juárez airport.

What is the local delivery company in Mexico?:

Today it has a coverage of 98% of the Mexican Republic, 2,538 routes and terrestrial facilities, as well as more than 27,000 service points, of which 1,411 are offices for customer service distributed throughout the country and 1,112 are windows. as for the express service (Mexpost).

How do I know where my AliExpress package is in Mexico?

Go to My Orders In the section, choose the request you need and click on the Details link. The order details will be displayed on the opened page. Find and copy the Tracking Phone Number and paste it into the form above.

How do AliExpress packages arrive in Mexico?

The list is very voluminous, but in particular we will always find two, DHL, which is the private parcel service that we all know, and AliExpress Standard Shipping, which is actually the international shipment that arrives by email from Mexico between 40 and 60 days. more or less.

How to know the parcel of my order in AliExpress?

Go to My Own Orders section, choose the order you need and click the Details link. The details of the order will be displayed on the open page. Find and copy the Tracking Phone Number and paste it inside the form above. Then click on the “Track Package” button.

What shipping company does AliExpress use?

Most of the shipments that come from China and Hong Kong to Europe, and especially to Spain, by AliExpress sellers, are made through the company Sinotrans, which is represented in Spain by Insignia Shipping.

Where is the AliExpress distribution center in Mexico?

AliExpress highlights its commitment to the Mexican market
This innovative nerve center of distribution is strategically located in the city of Tultepec, in the State of Mexico, just 30 kilometers away from the Benito Juárez International Airport.

Who transports AliExpress packages?

Cainiao is a Chinese company belonging to the Alibaba group that is in charge of its logistics and transportation. The purpose of this company is to be able to carry out merchandise deliveries in a very short time, in order to be able to expand the companies of the group, such as AliExpress, throughout the world.

What does in transit received by local delivery company mean?

– In transit at a delivery warehouse
This usually happens as soon as the seller has already delivered the requested item to the company that is going to be in charge of the delivery and this company stores it provisionally in its warehouse, generally to wait for there to be enough shipments for the tourist destination area in which cast must be inflicted.

How to track a package that comes from China to Mexico?

Parcels app will help you track the status and location of your package delivered by China Post Small Packet Plus.

How do I know if my AliExpress order has arrived?

Aliexpress – Standard shipping package tracking is easy with Ordertracker, all you have to do is hit your guide or phone number in the previous field to track a package or go to the shipping tracker section. We provide you with the most powerful package tracking system for any post office.

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