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what options are available in 2021?

buy likes on instagram it’s not the only way to increase engagement and the number of followers on your Instagram page in 2021. In fact, despite being a common practice, maybe it’s not even the best one for that. After all, the social network has been advancing its algorithm to identify the contents that generate real organic results and encourage them more and more.

Therefore, it is important that your company has a complete strategy to work with likes on Instagram this year. This includes thinking about how to set up your display template for likes and your company’s approach to likes. In fact, vanity metrics (number of views or likes) are very misleading when it comes to actually making an assertive analysis within the communication strategy on social networks.

Want to understand what your Instagram like options are in 2021? Then read on to find out more about it!

What this article covers:

3 options to configure Instagram likes in 2021

1. Hide the number of likes view for all accounts

Since the platform debuted in 2010 until today, a lot has changed for Instagram users. One of them is the need that people have created in linking the value of their content to how many likes it receives. Users began to define whether a company, store, or public person was trustworthy, or successful, by the number of followers, comments, and likes they received on each post. This new currency created a sub market of accounts specialized in selling likes, as a way to inflate and disguise the real metric and try to circumvent the views algorithm.

That’s why, since 2019Instagram started offering the option to hide the number of likes from all accounts, as an attempt to create a less competitive environment and to devalue likes as a currency to be sold.

2. Hide the view of the number of likes for own publications

Another problem that started to affect users, mainly young people, is the number of likes on the post itself. This metric has proven to cause anxiety and self-esteem issues, as people have come to associate likes with social approval.

Among the visualization modifications that Instagram implemented 2 years ago, there is the option to hide the visualization of the number of likes of the publications themselves. So, if your mental health is being affected by this result, you can manage the visualization so that it no longer affects you.

3. View preview of number of likes of all accounts

For those who don’t like changes, or were not being affected by the display of likes, Instagram kept the option to display all metrics. After all, they also serve as an engagement performance parameter for professional accounts, so that they can study strategies and new forms of interaction. For example, influencers rely on metrics like the number of likes to measure the value of their work, and it’s a portfolio way to showcase results to potential hires.

How to change likes display settings?

There are two ways to change views of likes: general, for all accounts, and individual, for your own account only.

To hide likes from all accounts, tap on the main menu, go to the Settings tab, to the Privacy option, then Posts. Activate the switch “Hide the number of likes and views”

To hide likes from your own posts, you need to follow these steps each time you make a new post:

On the text page, tap Advanced Settings. In the menu that appears, activate the switch “Hide the number of likes and views for this post”, and then publish your content.

Remember that this must be done on every post. So if you have a strategy that includes a lot of posts per day or per week, it can be a bit tedious to make this adjustment every time.

Perhaps, for this reason, many of your posts can be made in Stories, which have a slightly higher delivery rate and less consumption effort on the part of your followers.

Another idea might be to use a tool that lets you configure these options once and then set them to automatically apply to every post you make.

With 66 million active Brazilian users, Instagram is not the most popular platform in Brazil, but it is the most used today. Nowadays, it is more active than its main competitors with more people registered. Therefore, it is important to understand how to configure Instagram likes in 2021 and work them properly with your digital communication strategy.

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