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What it means to have “2 GB” of mobile data • ENTER.CO

The cell phone has become an indispensable tool for everyone, it is the first thing we put in our bag when we leave home. But, the phone by itself does not have much value in our times, it is necessary that it has a constant connection to the network to take full advantage of its functions. In Colombia, most operators offer mobile data plans with an offer of ‘2 GB’ per month, have you ever wondered what 2GB is and what it is for?

Gigabytes are a unit of measurement for the internet, it is equivalent to 1,024 megabytes and refers to the amount of data you can download using, in this case, the mobile plan. However, this does not mean that every time you use the internet on your cell phone you are consuming “data”, the cell phone uses the gigabytes with specific content. For example, when you watch a YouTube video, open an email, access web pages or make a video call.

To give you an idea of ​​how long the 2GB can last you, we leave you the data of what a content could consume (approximately):

YouTube Video 5 – 10MB

Read an email 10 – 20KB

Upload a photo to social networks 250 KB

Use Facebook 1.5MB – 3.8MB per minute

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Now, if you need to use the data for a specific task, you can better choose the data plan you need based on this data:

According to Mobile guinea pig2GB is equivalent to:

Web pages 1,200 web pages (for about 24 hours)

Email with attachments 4,000 messages

Download or play music 400 songs

Download or update apps 50 apps

Video call 8 hours

You should keep in mind that some operators still have the option of keeping the “open plan”, that is, if you go over 2GB, the phone will still consume the internet. Then, in the invoice, you must pay for the gigabytes that you have consumed in excess. You can always use your mobile options to limit mobile data usage.

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