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What it means to be a Pisces ascendant and how it impacts your zodiac sign

If when consulting your natal chart you have noticed that your rising sign is Piscesmeans that part of your personality is influenced by the energy of this emotional, empathetic and humanistic water sign.

In an astral chart we identify the sun sign by our day and month of birth, this represents our personality, identity and ego. The rising sign is determined by the exact time and place of birth and it shows how we present ourselves to the world, that is, it contributes to the physical appearance and reveals our inner nature.

Being a Pisces rising means that you project a friendly, kind and gentle demeanor.. You are peace loving, keep your heart open and don’t take things too seriously. Although you are carefree, you also want to please everyone.

In love you stand out for being an affectionate, tender and sensitive lover. You tend to create a deep connection with your partners and live to find true love.

As a Pisces ascendant, your most positive traits are creativity, imagination and kindness, while your negative aspects are laziness, pessimism and emotional hypersensitivity, according to Astrocentro.

How does being a Pisces ascendant affect your zodiac personality? Find out how it influences your sun sign below.

Aries with Pisces rising

If your sun sign is Aries and your ascendant is Pisces you are very passionate, romantic, hyperactive and you do things to feel alive.

Taurus with Pisces rising

As a Pisces Taurus ascendant you are at the same time creative, thoughtful, patient and structured. You are characterized by staying calm even in moments of greatest stress.

Gemini with Pisces rising

A Pisces Rising Gemini is carefree and curious, but often disconnects from their surroundings. You are skilled at finding a way out of any problem and you are not afraid of pursuing your dreams.

Cancer with Pisces Rising

If your sun sign is Cancer and your ascendant is Pisces, you are an emotional and sensitive person, so anxiety is part of your daily life. Your biggest advantage is that your sixth sense is the most developed in the zodiac and you can take advantage of great opportunities.

Leo with Pisces rising

As a Leo Pisces ascendant, your personality is both fiery and charismatic. You value human contact, being admired and you combine your passions with success very well. You are very confident in yourself, so you are sociable.

Virgo with Pisces rising

A Pisces Rising Virgo is complex and quite difficult to read. He is mysterious, reserved, thoughtful and spontaneous. The most remarkable thing is his rigor in daily tasks and he knows how to respect his limits.

Libra with Pisces rising

If your sun sign is Libra and your ascendant is Pisces, it means that you are quite a dreamer, it is difficult for you to have your feet on the ground because you are in search of your ideals. You are romantic and when you trust your gut you make the right decisions.

Scorpio with Pisces rising

As a Pisces Ascendant Scorpio you have a bipolar personality. On the one hand, you are passionate and somewhat violent, but on the other you exude sweetness because you also know how to be sensitive. This means that you often take unorthodox paths to reach your goals, yet you are capable of achieving them.

Sagittarius with Pisces rising

A Sagittarius Pisces ascendant is guided by their emotion rather than reasoning. You are enthusiastic, friendly and people find your company pleasant because your personality is warm. However, you often tend to act on a whim.

Capricorn with Pisces Rising

If your sun sign is Capricorn and your ascendant is Pisces, you project a cold, distant, reserved and shy personality. Behind that layer of ice hides a sweet, sensitive and affectionate being who works hard and is tenacious.

Aquarius with Pisces rising

As an Aquarius Pisces ascendant, you tend to put distance between people, however, it is easy for you to be friendly and open, especially in love. Your personality is one of the most avant-garde of the Zodiac because your creativity has enormous potential.

Pisces with Pisces Rising

If you have Pisces as a sun and ascendant sign, it means that love is an indispensable part of your life. You are jovial, tender, affectionate and pacifist, although you tend to make decisions quite recklessly.

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