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what it is, how to trigger it and what is the license

CETESB is one of the main environmental companies of the government of the state of São Paulo, which aims to protect the environment against polluting companies and industries, in addition to providing the population with several ways to make complaints.

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What is CETESB?

The Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (CETESB) is the main agency belonging to the government of São Paulo that aims to control and carry out all the necessary inspections regarding activities that cause pollution, in addition to doing excellent work to try to recover not only the quality of water, but of air and soil.

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Its foundation took place on July 24, 1968, and since this period, it has managed to become one of the main references of the UN, due to all the environmental issues it deals with, in addition to having collaboration with about 184 countries that are part of this environment. . Not counting the UN, the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo is included among the five WHO institutions with regard to issues of supply and basic sanitation.

How and when can you sue CETESB?

You can contact the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo when there is a need to report illegal acts and any unethical irregularities that violate the company’s codes of conduct, among which can be mentioned: moral and sexual harassment, fraud, corruption and diversion.

In the case of environmental complaints for air, water, soil and noise pollution, it will be necessary to send them to the Environmental Agency of your city or the nearest one, if possible.

If your complaint is related to black smoke caused by cars and other vehicles that need diesel fuel to move, that are not parked, it will be possible to report it on the website itself.

Which companies need a license from CETESB?

It is necessary that all industries/companies request a license from CETESB, as they are sources of pollution. Be it any type of service to be provided, from works, installations and means of transport mainly, which cause great pollution in urban centers.

How to apply for a license from CETESB?

To apply for a license from CETESB, any interested party must send the Registration Form completely filled in with the required information to the General Protocol Sector, via the email address: [email protected]

What are the types of CETESB licenses?

CETESB has four types of license, which are: preliminary license, installation license, operation license and CADRI. Each of them has a different function, so you should be careful when asking for one of them.

Finally, the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo is essential to take care of the state of SP, mainly due to the environmental problems caused daily by factories and other industries, as well as cars and other vehicles.

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