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what it is, how it works, how to use the step correctly, benefits and the best exercises to do at home to tone up

The step training it is very effective for slim down Y tone the whole body. The step simulates a step and is mainly used for cardio exercises. Besides, the step height is adjustable, so that the intensity of physical effort during exercises can be regulated. Step training consists of aerobic exercisesfollowing the rhythm set by the music.

To do a step workout, you must buy step CDsthat is, music CDs created with the proper BPM that mark the speed of each step, that is, 120/130 beats per minute; these CDs are usually easily found on the market.

The steps you can do during a training of this type are many. In fact, it can also be used effectively for muscle strengthening.

What is the step?

It is a type of aerobic training from America and is very useful for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

It is a small platform or “step” (usually 40 cm wide and with a height that varies between 8 and 20 cm) on which one lowers and raises repeatedly, usually to the rhythm of the music, to increase the heart ratebreathing and muscle strengthening.

The type of movement can be simple (ups and downs) or more complex (lateral raises, turns around the step, combination of exercises that also involve the arms) or involve the use of weights to increase muscular effort. The more skilled people can even perform true choreography.

It can be practiced indoors, at home or in the gym, or outdoors. It is fun and perfect for toning the legs and buttocks., as well as to lose some extra kilos. It also improves the resistance of the heart and lungs and coordination.

However, it is important perform the exercises correctly so as not to strain the jointsespecially the knees: when going up, rest your whole foot well on the step and, when going down, rest your heel well on the ground.

Now if you suffer from Back painIt is recommended that you consult your doctor before trying it.

So let’s see what the step is, what it is for and how it is practiced.

How to do it correctly?

It is important to learn to do all the exercises correctlywithout making the most common mistakes to avoid the risk of inflammation of the tendons and joints.

At first, your goal will be to adopt a correct posturewhich is critical to the success of your step training.

Here are some tips for working well with the step.

  • Relaxed shoulders and torso well aligned with the rest of the body.
  • Rest your entire foot at the top of the step as you go up and your heel on the ground as you go down.
  • Avoid twisting movements.
  • Don’t work on the same limb for more than a minute at a time.
  • The knee should never go past the toe during lunges.
  • Never jump from the step.
  • If you want to use it to do absyour back must be on the step but you must raise your legs, that is, you must not rest your feet on the ground, otherwise you will not be working the abdomen.

Caution: Before starting any physical activity, it is recommended to undergo a sports doctor exam. In this way, you can be relaxed and ready to face your training.

benefits of step training

Training with this simple piece of equipment has many health benefits. First of all, it allows you to significantly strengthen your cardiovascular system.

The heart and lungs benefit from these exerciseswhich are also very useful for burn calories. In fact, prolonged effort allows burn a lot of calories and therefore helps you lose weight.

All this is even more effective if follow a healthy and balanced dietLike that proposes redapple. The step can be used as a basis for different muscle toning exercises, thus combining toning work with cardio.

Like all physical training, it also allows relax and relieve accumulated stress.

Staged training program to burn fat and tone up

The training proposed by Manzanaroja is designed to Strengthen musclesincluding the heart, and tone the body with this circuit consisting of 4 exercises.

Perform this step workout with no rest between exercises.

Take a 1 minute break between sets.

For a complete workout, repeat the circuit three times.

1 – Training with the step: basic exercise

Exercise: go up and down the step for at least 15 minutes to the rhythm of the music.

Ideal posture: keep your shoulders relaxed and your back straight, your buttocks contracted, your knees relaxed, your body stretched forward and your eyes fixed straight ahead.

An important recommendation: when going up and down, do not keep your legs straight, but rather make sure that they are always slightly bent so as not to force your knees too much..

When coming down from the step, first touch the ball of the foot and then the heel.

A thousand ways to use the step: who says you just have to go down and go up? Be creative and use the step everywhere, try to change the rhythm according to the music. Do you want to change the steps and have fun?

2 – Step training: lunges

The right foot on the step and the left behind with the heel raised. Bend both legs to perform a lungemaking sure that your right knee does not go over the ball of your foot, but is perpendicular to your heel.

Breathing in and out, push off with your right foot onto the step and as you come up, bring your left knee up while balancing on your right leg. He then places his left foot back on the ground, back, heel raised to repeat the sequence.

Repetitions: The exercise should be repeated 10 times per leg.

muscles involved: legs, buttocks and abdominal core.

3 – Dumbbell push-ups

Use the step as a bench. Lie down on the step, with your head and back close to the equipment.

In hand, two dumbbells of 2 or 5 kilos. Breathe in and out, bend your arms 90 degrees, drawing your elbows toward the floor (feel your chest muscles stretch), then extend your arms up. Movements must be precise and slow.

muscles involved: pectorals.

repetitions: twenty

4 – Push-ups for the triceps

Sit on the step and place your hands near the buttocks on the edge, with the fingers pointing towards the buttocks. Lift the buttocks out of the step and bend the arms, keeping the elbows parallel and the buttocks close to the edge of the step. Extend your legs and rest your heels on the floor. Extend your arms as you exhale and keep your buttocks off the ground (distribute your body weight between your feet and hands). Movements must be precise and slow.

Muscles involved: arms, triceps.

Repetitions: 20 push-ups.

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