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what it is, easy credit and much more!

The Neon digital account, as well as all other digital accounts, have revolutionized the relationship between an individual and a financial institution. In addition to practicality, without the need to go to a physical branch, the Neon digital account also offers numerous benefits for those who become customers. These benefits you can see below!

What this article covers:

What is the Neon digital account?

The neon account is a type of digital account, which has the main purpose of making the customer’s life easier and offering more practicality in their day-to-day. Unlike other financial institutions, such as traditional banks, Neon does not have physical branches and all services and assistance can be found on the institution’s own application or website.

How does the Neon digital account work?

It is a free account, that is, it is not necessary to pay maintenance or annual fees to enjoy its benefits. With it, it is possible to make transfers, pay slips, make loans and several other benefits. In addition, it is completely digital, that is, you can do everything through the account application.

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The only fee charged by the Neon account is in relation to ATM withdrawals and also with the international use of the Neon card. Each customer has a free monthly withdrawal and after that, R$ 6.90 will be charged.

Another way to acquire free withdrawals is by carrying out more than 10 transactions in the month, which gives you 3 more free withdrawals.

The international use of the card implies a fee of 4% on top of expenses plus the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations).

Does the Neon digital account offer easy credit?

Neon offers a credit card, as well as the account, also without paying annuity or maintenance. The credit function must be requested in the application itself, in which the company will carry out an analysis and return with the response to the request, after analysis.

With the acceptance and release of the credit, the card that the customer receives when opening the account will be the means of payment, whether in credit or debit mode, both for domestic and international purchases.

The Neon account also offers a loan option, which can also be requested through the application, after the credit analysis, the team will answer if it is possible to release the personal credit limit, through the loan.

Is it worth using the Neon digital account as the first?

Salary portability, or using the Neon account as the first option, allows even more advantages for the customer, in addition to the free bank fees, unlike other institutions, this enables a better analysis, mainly for credit release, both for card, as for loans.

So it really is beneficial to use the Neon digital account as the first and even only option. With a diverse possibility of use in the palm of the hand.


By joining the Neon digital account, in addition to a fully digital account, the customer also has several other advantages, such as:

24-hour support, including weekends;
Credit card with no annual fee;
Free transfer services, payment slips;
Services for micro-entrepreneurs;
Virtual card (credit and debit);

All this without the need to travel to an agency, with all services in a single application.


Despite the various advantages, as well as other types of account, the Neon digital account also has some characteristics that can be considered a disadvantage, they are:

When comparing with traditional institutions, the digital account still offers few services;
Approval can take a few days, unlike traditional banks, which approval is immediate;
Being fully digital, it can be complicated for adults and seniors without technological knowledge.

Always before opening any account, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of the option, after all, financial security is the main factor to be considered.

How to open a Neon digital account?

To open the Neon digital account, the process can start on the company’s website, where some data will be informed, and it will be necessary to download and install the application on the cell phone, free of charge for Android and iOS operating systems.

The process from the beginning can be done directly in the application, where it is necessary to provide data information such as full name, CPF, residential data and photos of supporting identification and selfie documents will also be requested.

After the documents are sent, the institution will analyze to approve the account and send the card. To activate the account, just make a deposit of 20 reais, and as soon as the money drops, it will be ready for use.

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