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what is where to order yours

When traveling, health care is often forgotten. The European Health Insurance Card is essential.

When we choose to travel around Europe, it can become safer and more peaceful with the European Health Insurance Card (CESD).

However, not all people are aware of its existence and its purpose, ending up not knowing that it is something free and that we all can and should have access to – especially when it comes to traveling around Europe.

If you don’t know how to get it and if you’re still not aware of the advantages, this article is for you.

All about the European Health Insurance Card

On vacation or on business, have the European Health Insurance Card (CESD) is extremely important to prevent less pleasant situations.

Deep down, CESD allows a person to be insured or covered by a social protection scheme in one of the 27 Member States of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom.

In addition to this, it also allows have access to all health care in any public entity during your temporary stay in any of the aforementioned destinations.

Simply put, the European Health Insurance Card is a single card common to all countries in which it is accepted. The good news is that it has no associated cost. and aims to simplify the identification of the holder and the institution responsible for paying for the treatments and care to be provided.

For example: if you are going to travel to a European country and become ill to the point of having to go to a local health unit, with the presentation of this card you will be able to enjoy the necessary medical care in any public entity.

The European Health Insurance Card is not a substitute for travel insurance

It is important to mention that CESD does not work as an alternative to travel insurance. In addition, it also does not apply in situations where the insured person has to travel to another State to receive medical treatment.

If you wonder about the use of this card in private health services, know that it does not apply, nor to other types of expenses such as:

  • the cost of repatriation;
  • compensation for stolen or lost property.

But there are exceptions: the card can be used in private health facilities if they form part of the social security or health system of the Member State where you are and work with CESD.

The best thing is to find out about the medical assistance provided before leaving for your destination.

What are the conditions for applying for the CESD?

You are probably wondering who can, after all, ask for this card. To be eligible, you must be in one of the following situations:

  • beneficiary of public health subsystems;
  • workers who are covered by a Social Security scheme, as well as non-active workers, pensioners and their families;
  • beneficiaries of private health subsystems;
  • users of the National Health Service, in case there is no link to Social Security or to a private or public health subsystem.

How to order and activate the European Health Insurance Card?

CESD has your username and, for the same reason, it is individual and non-transferable. Which means that every person traveling to one of the EU Member States must have one. To request and activate it, there are several options.

Through the Internet

If you are a beneficiary of Social Security and have a Social Security Identification Number, know that you can order the card on the Direct Social Security. Accessing the service is simple: just enter your Citizen Card or use a password.

To help users, the Agency for Administrative Modernization created an explanatory video – you can consult it here.

in person

If you prefer to handle your order and activation in person, know that this is also possible, only working differently in some places.

I.e, in mainland Portugalthe application can be made in person at one of the Social Security services or at the Citizen Spaces.

if you live in the Azores and intend to apply for and activate the European Health Insurance Card, then you must do so at the Azores Social Security Institute.

In the case of Woodgo to the Services of the Social Security Institute of Madeira, IP-RAM.

If you are a beneficiary of Social Security and you are going to apply for the CESD in person, you must still fill the formMod.GIT53-DGSS”.

You will need to indicate an address and you will receive your card as soon as it is ready. If it is not possible to issue the same in a timely manner, know that the ISS, IP Customer Service will be able to send you a provisional replacement certificate. In this case, don’t worry because it guarantees the same benefits as CESD.

For pensioners of a foreign compulsory social protection system, the mode of issue also differs:

  • if you are a pensioner from only one of the Member States, except Switzerland, the card is issued by the institution of the Member State that pays your pension;
  • if you are a pensioner from Switzerland only, be aware that the CESD is issued by the social security office in your area of ​​residence.

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