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What is this code and from which bank?

Have you noticed that all banks have a number that serves to identify them? Stay here to find out what this bank code is for and how to find out your bank code 033.

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What is the numerical code of the banks?

This code is made up of three digits, which are called Compe (Monetary Operations System Code and Compensation of Other Papers).

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When transferring money or writing a check, it is Compe that allows you to identify the banking institution and follow the right path. If you make a mistake typing bank 033, your money will be refunded and you will need to make the transfer again.

Some banks have more than one code, such as Banco Bradesco Cartão SA with code 204 and Banco Bradesco SA?? corresponds to the number 237. Be very careful when doing TED and DOC, if you have any questions call your bank 033 and ask an attendant for your queries.

How to know your bank code?

It can be found in the “institution” field present when making a transfer through your bank’s application 033. There, the code appears next to the name of the bank so as not to have an error.

Another alternative is to access the website of the bank you want to transfer and check the frequently asked questions or access this website https://www.bcb.gov.br/Fis/CODCOMPE/Tabela.pdf

from Banco do Brasil that shows a list of all the banks and the information about each one of them.

Which bank uses code 033?

It’s the Santander bank code.

What are the codes of the main banks in Brazil?

All banks have these codes and they are never repeated, so it is possible to send money via bank transfer without the risk of going to the wrong account.

Below you will find the list of codes for the main banks in Brazil, including physical and digital ones:

  • Bank of Brazil – 001
  • Banco Itaú SA – 341
  • Santander Bank – 033
  • Banco Bradesco SA – 237
  • Caixa Econômica Federal – 104
  • Banco Safra SA – 422
  • Citibank – 477
  • Banco Inter – 077
  • Nu Payments – 260
  • Pan Bank – 623
  • Bank C6 Bank – 336
  • Original Bank – 212
  • Neon Bank – 735

Now you know, every time you forget your bank number, just consult it as suggested in the tips given above.

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