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What is the zodiac sign that criticizes and judges others the most, according to astrology

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgo is the one that criticizes and judges others the most.. His need to feel useful and helpful, makes him not stop to analyze, give his opinion and say what he thinks even when no one has asked him to do so.

The reason why the sign of those born from August 22 to September 22 is the one who judges people the most is because it is in his nature to criticize himself, so it is normal for him to point out the mistakes of those around him.

However, he is not doing it to upset or hurt your feelings. In their questioning is the desire to see others succeed in what they do and, through hard work, earn rewards.

The modalities, elements, planets and ruling houses determine how much we can judge people, and according to these characteristics, Virgo is the sign that stands out among all, according to an astrological analysis carried out by the site Suggest.com.

Mutable signs are the most objective

The modalities of the signs refer to the location in the seasons of the year where each one is found. The cardinal signs mark the beginning of the seasons, the fixed ones are located in the middle and the mutable ones at the end.

From the astrological perspective, mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are the most objective because they have the advantage of seeing the mistakes and triumphs of others by being at the end of the seasons. They saw the path that the other signs took and learn the lessons of the others.

The earth signs, the most stubborn

Zodiac elements play an important role when it comes to judging people. Those who belong to the earth element (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) thrive on criticism and are more likely to judge others.

Although they are sensible, hard-working, and responsible, they get angry when their colleagues don’t do things their way.

Mercury, the planet of communication… and criticism

The astrological planet that governs communication, and therefore opinions, is Mercury, which curiously governs Virgo. This star is associated with analysis, expressions and intellect, which is why those who are ruled by Mercury tend to be more critical..

The Sixth House rules Virgo

The astrological House that governs Virgo is the Sixth, associated with health, routines and work life. When this energy is combined with that of Mercury, it creates a propensity to take on responsibilities that don’t belong.. That is, Virgo people help without being asked.

In conclusion, the configuration of Virgo based on its modality, element, house and ruling planet, makes it more likely to judge and criticize people.

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