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What is the salary bonus for?

As a PIS benefit, the salary bonus is an annual payment made by Caixa through its own means and with a maximum value of one minimum wage. Payment takes place once a year and the beneficiary needs to meet some basic requirements to be able to receive.

The calculation is based on how many months were worked in the year prior to pay and the minimum wage in the pay year. The benefit is made available monthly based on the beneficiary’s birthday month. And to clear your doubts about what a salary allowance is, keep reading the article.

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What is the salary bonus?

The salary bonus is a benefit for the worker who has contributed to PIS (there are no PJ contracts, for example), the benefit guarantees a single and annual payment of up to a minimum wage, based on the time worked in the base year and salary payment year minimum. The benefit is provided by the federal government and its payment is made by the Caixa bank

What is the salary bonus for?

As a benefit of the government, as well as others, the salary bonus works as a form of redistribution of resources collected by some public institution.

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PIS, which is the program that collects this amount from entrepreneurs every year since 1975, pays employees an annual amount proportional to their working time and salary received. PIS also collects this money from companies to guarantee payment for unemployment insurance and other development programs.

The benefit is currently guaranteed to more than 24 million Brazilians, which is estimated at around 22 billion reais in distributed benefit. Despite having a minimum wage ceiling, the salary bonus is seen as an extra salary and a relief for millions of Brazilian families.

Who is entitled to the salary bonus?

To be eligible to receive the benefit, employees must meet some basic requirements:

  • Have a work permit for more than five years (the PIS number must be the same during this time)
  • The salary for the base calculation year, or year prior to payment, must have been up to two minimum wages, which in the current amount would be R$ 2,424.00 (minimum salary of R$ 1,212.00).
  • Have worked at least thirty days during the year prior to payment, these days may or may not have been consecutive, but are the year-round minimum for the benefit.
  • Finally, having your data correctly informed by the employer to Rais (Annual Social Information Report)

To be sure if you qualify and can receive the benefit, check via the Caixa worker app or by phone 0800 726 0207.

How to withdraw the salary bonus?

Despite the anxiety of receiving a little extra money or withdrawing a benefit from the salary bonus, it is only paid on specific dates based on the beneficiary’s month of birth, to check the calendar full 2022 click hereπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

And your benefit has already dropped based on the calendar, it can be withdrawn in several ways and this will vary from your accounts opened in the cashier:

  • A worker who has a checking, savings or digital account at Caixa, can receive the right directly to the account.
  • For those who do not have an account, Caixa created Caixa Tem, which is a digital account where it deposits some benefits automatically or upon request, such as Emergency Aid, where the beneficiary can transfer the money by PIX.
  • For those who have the social card, it is possible to withdraw at ATMs, Caixa branches and lottery shops.
  • If you do not have access to any of these forms, you can also withdraw at a Caixa branch with the identification document.

With these options, the beneficiary can withdraw free of charge and at any time from the deposit date. You can track your request or payments via the Caixa worker app.

How is the salary allowance calculated?

The amount of the salary allowance is up to one minimum wage and is based on the time worked in the base year. The working time in months is multiplied by 1/12 of the minimum wage.

Months that have not been fully worked can be considered, provided that the beneficiary has worked at least 15 days of the month in question. The months are always those of the base year and the minimum wage will be that of the year of payment, in 2022 it is R$1,212.00.

How the salary bonus is calculated

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It is always important to be aware of the social programs that the citizen fits into and their benefits. Some, such as Abono Salarial and AuxΓ­lio Emergencial, have a request/withdrawal deadline.

And as unusual as it may seem, it is very common that many citizens do not withdraw their benefits, in 2019, 320 thousand beneficiaries did not withdraw the salary bonus, which is equivalent to about 208 million reais abandoned in Caixa accounts for withdrawal. Therefore, always consult your data and check if there are benefits to receive, Caixa apps such as Caixa Trabalhador provide this data and how to request your benefits.

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