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What is the rate of the point mini paid market machine?

The payment method must be made easy for the customer, this is the secret to being successful in undertaking.

The machine is essential to avoid defaulting customers and guarantee the money in your account for the service you provided.

Some card machines charge abusive fees on their sale. That’s why I’m going to show you the rate of the paid market machine, which gives you several advantages.

What this article covers:

How does the Point Mini machine work?

The Point Mini machine must be connected to your cell phone via bluetooth as the name “charge with point” and that’s it, it’s ready to make sales.

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Before doing these steps above, make sure you already have the paid market app downloaded and are logged in to link your cell phone with the machine.

Point Mini machine benefits

It is ahead of its competitors for numerous benefits:

  • It has no rent;
  • It is compact, allows it to be stored almost anywhere;
  • Allows approximation payments, Pix, payment link and QR code;
  • Sends the receipt to the customer via email or SMS;
  • Runs up to 10 consecutive hours;
  • Free from bureaucracy;
  • You choose the rate you want to deduct from each sale.

It is worth remembering that new benefits may appear over time.

What is the rate of the paid market machine?

The rate of the paid market machine varies according to the payment method and the day you choose to have the money available.

When paying by debit, the fee is 1.99% and when using credit, it depends on whether you want to receive the money immediately in your account or prefer to wait 14 or 30 days for it to be released.

check here the fees of the market machine paid in installments of up to 12 installments.

How to order my machine?

Check out the step-by-step instructions for ordering your Point Mini machine:

  1. Enter the website https://www.mercadopago.com.br/point-mini
  2. Click on “buy now”
  3. The offer of a free card will appear, if you don’t want it, select “not now”.
  4. Fill in your address and click continue
  5. Select payment method (card, billet or pix) and continue
  6. After confirming the payment, wait for the delivery day and receive the machine at your home.

See how easy it is? In addition to the super affordable price, shipping is also free. Request yours now!

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