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What is the Rappi credit card limit and how to increase it?

If you are looking for a card that has cashback and offers you exclusive benefits, you will be interested in the Rappi credit card. This card has one of the best Cashback programs available on the market.

Maybe you already have a Rappi credit card and are looking for a way to increase your limit. By following this text until the end, those who don’t have the card will find out how it works and what its limit is. Those who have, will see some ways to increase the Rappi credit card limit.

What this article covers:

Who is Rappi?

Rappi is a Colombian app that works in several other Latin American countries, including Brazil. It started its activities as a Delivery App, but it also started to offer other services, such as games and Streaming.

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It is possible to register in Rappi, establishments such as: Pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, electronic stores and several other types of establishments. But now Rappi has decided to innovate and has developed in partnership with Visa and created the Rappi credit card.

How the Rappi credit card works

There are two types of Rappi credit cards, Visa Gold and Prime. The Gold version is the most basic, it has a 3% cashback for purchases made at Rappi, and 1% for other stores. This version has international coverage and offers other benefits such as: insurance for vehicle rentals and insurance for your purchases.

The Rappi Prime credit card is exclusive to Visa Infinite customers. The cashback on this card is 5% for purchases at Rappi, and 2% for other stores. In addition, the card user is entitled to the benefits of Visa Infinite, which offers discounts and benefits at the main hotels in the world.

Does the Rappi credit card have an annual fee?

The Gold version of the Rappi credit card has no annual fee. In the Prime version, an annuity of R$1,079.88 is charged, which is divided into 12 installments of R$89.99.

What is the Rappi credit card limit and how to increase it?

It is not possible to know the exact limit of the Rappi credit card, as it can vary from person to person. But if you’re finding your current limit to be insufficient, there are a few things you can do to increase your limit.

One of the things is to prove that the limit you have is not enough. To do this, keep using your card limit as much as possible, but pay attention to the next tip. Paying the invoice on time and without installments is another thing that helps to increase your card limit.

Other suggestions to increase your limit is to use the Rappi app to pay your card bills. You can do this using QR Code payment. It is also important to keep your Credit Score always high, you can do this by paying the invoices and other debts you have, always on the right date or even earlier, if possible.

Who can apply for the Rappi credit card?

To apply for the Rappi credit card, you must be 18 years of age or older and not have a negative CPF.

How to apply for the Rappi credit card?

To apply, just download the Rappi app, available for Android and IOS. After creating your Rappi account, go to the Rappibank option and click on “I want”. then just fill in the required data and wait for the credit analysis response.

How to apply for the Rappi credit card

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Therefore, if you have already applied and now you want to increase the limit of your Rappi credit card, follow the tips we have given you to get an increasing limit.

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