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What is the processing time for a passport?

It is important to know the processing time for a passport, after all it is a fundamental document for Brazilians who intend to travel to countries outside Mercosur.

It is essential that the passport is issued before starting to purchase tickets and resolve travel-related matters. After all, without it, you cannot travel to countries that do not belong to South America.

The document is issued by the Federal Police and is currently valid for ten years. There’s no secret to getting your passport and it’s simpler than you might think. Just gather some requested documents to present on the day of issuance and perform a few steps.

In this content we have gathered some information about the processing time for a passport, how to apply and much more. Keep on texting!

What this article covers:

What is the normal processing time for a passport?

Currently, it is common for the processing time for a passport to be more or less six business days, counting from the day of service.

How does it work to apply for a passport?

To apply for a passport first, it is necessary to schedule an appointment for the day of issuance. This procedure is done online at Federal Police website🇧🇷

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First gather all the necessary documents, fill out the form on the website, pay the ticket issued, schedule the service and show up at the indicated location with everything necessary.

Necessary documents

Check below the documents required to apply for your passport:

  • Identification Document (RG, CNH or Work Card);
  • CPF;
  • Wedding certificate;
  • Photo 5X7 for children under 5 years old.

In some cases, such as men, for example, it is important to check each necessary document that may vary. For those who changed their name due to marriage, it is also important to bring the Marriage Certificate.

filling out the form

Filling in the form is very simple. First you will inform your personal data, then the documents, some additional data and confirming your data is the last step. Be careful when checking that your details are correct.

Passport issuance fee

After completing the form, you will generate the GRU slip. The payment amount is R$ 257.25 and the ticket can be paid at the place of your choice, it can be internet, lottery and others. After payment, the appointment is made through the Federal Police website and this step is done only after confirmation of payment.

Scheduling at PF

With payment made and confirmed, it is now possible to make an appointment. To do so, just go back to the Federal Police website and access the Appointment Scheduling section. Access with the CPF and other requested information. On the platform you will have access to important information, such as the nearest available stations, times and days.

If you have more than one passport for more people, it is possible to do them all at once.

Attendance at the Federal Police station

On the scheduled date for the appointment, go to the Federal Police station with the necessary documentation. It is recommended to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the appointment time. It is not necessary to provide proof of payment.

passport withdrawal

When the passport is ready, it is already possible to pick it up. Simply show up at the pick-up location with an identification document. It is important to pay attention to the deadlines, because after 90 days it cannot be withdrawn.

Can I apply for a passport online?

The document issuance process is done partially over the internet. Once this is done, you need to schedule an in-person service.

Passport application can be done online.

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It’s like issuing an RG or other similar document. The passport is not delivered to your address, so it is important to return to the service center to pick it up.

What to do when you need to renew your passport?

To renew your passport, you must have your old passport in hand. If they have visas that are still valid, they will still be valid on the new document issued.

Can it be renewed before it expires?

Passport can be issued before expiration. In many cases, it is recommended to take it before the expiry date of the old passport, otherwise it is not possible to go through immigration in some countries.

How long does it take to renew a passport?

The time for renewal of the passport is the same as for the first copy. The passport is ready within six business days and must be picked up at the same place of issue before the 90-day deadline.

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