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What is the PIS calendar?

Annually, taxpayers receive the PIS calendar, to find out which day they will be able to receive this benefit. The PIS calendar is announced by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), which aims to organize and avoid crowds. The withdrawal can be made at an ATM or at the mouth of the teller, after the money falls into the Caixa Econômica social savings account.

But what is PIS? Why is it a worker benefit? PIS is an acronym for Social Integration Program (PIS), in which we receive this number already in our Work Card.

If it is a civil servant, he receives it through the Civil Servant Asset Formation Program (Pasep). Therefore, it is called PIS/Pasep. Generally, the installments are proportional to the time of work service. Next, we will explain what the PIS calendar means and its difference with Pasep.

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What is the PIS calendar?

The PIS calendar simply consists of the dates on which each beneficiary can withdraw money from Caixa Econômica Federal or Banco do Brasil. Payment of the PIS calendar can be made, therefore, until December 29th, and the money will be deposited for withdrawal in the Caixa Econômica Federal social savings account application.

PIS Calendar. Source/Reproduction: original.

The PIS calendar is based on the birthday month of each taxpayer, and with the final numbers of the PIS numerical sequence. Therefore, annually, Caixa Econômica Federal publishes a calendar, showing when beneficiaries can withdraw their salary allowance.

How does PIS work?

The salary bonus is intended for workers with a low income and who received up to two minimum wages, but must have five years of PIS/Pasep registration. Therefore, the importance of making an appointment to find out if you can receive this benefit.

Download the Caixa Trabalhador application, enter your CPF and the screen will show whether you are entitled to the benefit, in addition to knowing how to consult the PIS.

How does PIS work?
How it works. Source/Reproduction: original.

To withdraw, the worker needs to have the citizen’s card to make the withdrawal at a lottery or ATM. If you don’t have one, go to a Caixa branch with an identification document with a photo.

Who is entitled to PIS?

PIS is intended for private sector workers, but received up to two minimum wages. It is a kind of salary bonus for the years worked. That is, a way of transferring income to taxpayers for the years spent in companies, industries and among other institutions in the private sector.

PIS table

The PIS table is made from the calculation between the value of the installments and months of the worker’s service, based on the minimum wage in the year of payment. If the payment takes place in 2022, the allowance will be between R$ 101.00 and R$ 1,212.00.

All of this is within Law 7998/90, which provides the rules for receiving the PIS Pasep salary allowance. Next, we will show the table for this year.

months of work installment price
1 BRL 101
two BRL 202
3 BRL 303
4 BRL 404
5 BRL 505
6 BRL 606
7 BRL 707
8 BRL 808
9 BRL 909
10 BRL 1,010
11 BRL 1,111
12 BRL 1,212
PIS table

You understand the PIS table, if you have any doubts, look for Caixa’s official website or an agency.

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