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What is the Olé credit card?

The Olé credit card is a credit card option that promises to be excellent for those who have a negative name. With so many card opportunities offered today, the important thing is to know as much as possible to choose the best ones on the market.

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What this article covers:

How does the Olé credit card work?

In fact, the Olé credit card is an excellent option for those who are negative, as the institution that provides the card does not even consult bodies like Serasa and the SPC. However, it is good to make it clear about the modality of this card: it is a payroll credit card.

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This means that it is an exclusive credit card category for civil servants and retirees. But still, it is still an interesting option for these groups.

What are the benefits of the Olé credit card?

The Olé credit card as a payroll card shares the benefits of this modality. One of them is the fact that it is an accessible card for negative people, as we mentioned. Another benefit is that some card fees are lower than others on the market, which is quite interesting.

The card also does not charge an annual fee, is deducted directly from the payroll, provides an opportunity to withdraw cash from your available limit and is used for transactions with a normal card such as: buying online, buying on installments, buying in installments and paying for services. of digital signature.

Another positive differential of the card is that with it you participate in some of the advantages offered by the Visa brand. Vai de Visa, for example, gives some special discounts to cardholders, and Olé also offers a rewards system that provides some special discounts on airline tickets.

What is the limit of the Olé card?

Olé does not go into details about your credit card limit, when this happens it means that the finance company has a personalized limit that varies greatly from client to client.

What is the Olé card limit?
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In the case of a payroll card, it is common for the limit to vary according to the percentage of the retiree’s or public servant’s payment.

Who can apply for the Olé card?

Considering that the Olé credit card is a payroll card, then only civil servants and retirees can actually apply for the card. But it seems to be a very versatile option for the public that likes to travel and is interested in discounts specific to the Visa brand system.

How to apply for the Olé credit card?

Applying for the Olé card is very easy. The entire request can be made via the internet in a practical way without the need to go to any place or bank branch, ideal for those who need a card with some urgency.

Where can I apply?

The Olé credit card can be requested directly on the Olé website, the finance company responsible for the card. When accessing the site, just fill out the form step by step and fill it out correctly. After that, just wait between a week and 15 days to receive a response from Olé and, if so, also receive your credit card.

How to unlock?

Unblocking the Olé card is also very easy and practical. It can be done either over the phone or via the app. By phone, just call the numbers 4001 4451 or 0800 728 4451 and proceed with the unlocking. By the app, just download it from your smartphone app store.

If you are a retiree or public servant, then it is worth requesting the Olé card, as it does not charge an annual fee. Be sure to try!

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