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What is the Nubank branch code?

Like every bank, fintech has a branch code, but you need to know where the Nubank branch code is. the branch code serves to identify at which head office of that particular bank a bank account was created.

However, because it is a digital bank, and also after the arrival of Pix, where this information is not usually necessary, many are confused about how to find the Nubank agency code, and here we explain how it works.

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What is the Nubank branch code?

The purpose of a branch code is to identify the physical branches of each bank. This number, along with the clearing code, serves to facilitate bank transactions between accounts, such as transfers, ted, doc, deposits and the like.

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The codes are used both for transactions between Nubank’s own accounts, called Nuconta, and between accounts at other banks.

Being a fully digital bank, Nubank does not have physical branches. Therefore, to make transactions even easier for its users, the bank uses a single Nubank agency code for all its accounts, which is “0001”.

How to find the Nubank branch code?

Also differing from other banks, where such information is usually kept under lock and key, the Nubank branch code can be found through the bank’s application.

Just be a customer and click on the icon to access your profile. As soon as you do, your bank account details will appear on the screen, including the clearing code, the Nubank agency code, and your Nuconta number.

How to use the Nubank branch code?

As previously mentioned, the Nubank agency code is used to carry out bank transactions such as transfers, TED, DOC and deposit.

When the user is going to carry out any of these transactions, the bank’s application itself will ask for this data, simply filling it in and confirming that all the information is correct. If they are, the name of the owner of the account that the user wants to carry out a transaction will appear on the screen.

In the case of transfers between accounts of the same bank, Nubank automatically fills in the bank details of the recipient. Only when the transaction is made from another bank to Nuconta that, when carrying out the operation, it is necessary to fill in the data.

What is the difference between the Nubank branch code and the Nubank number?

It is important that, during transactions, the user knows how to differentiate the Nubank branch code from its number, also called clearing code. Although both numbers are the same for all transactions, the Nubank number, which is 260, serves to identify the bank to which the operation will be carried out.

In the case of the Nubank branch code, the number is also only used more frequently for these types of services, however, this is only done because it is a 100% digital bank.

What is the difference between the Nubank branch code and the Nubank number

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To facilitate the identification of both codes, just remember that the Nubank branch code has four numbers, while the bank has only three.

In addition, another important difference is that the bank number can be searched in the application of most banks, while the branch code must be memorized by the account owner.

With the modernization of banking transactions, especially the pix arrivalmuch of this information goes unnoticed by users, who end up finding themselves in complicated situations by not remembering this data.

Therefore, it is important that, even with all the easiness of today’s financial transactions, account owners always keep in mind the main information for large operations, avoiding future inconveniences.

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