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What is the new RG?

In force for some time, the new RG is still a novelty for the vast majority of the population. With the aim of being more practical than its previous version, the new document has much more information than before, and citizens only need to wish for the RG to be updated.

With that in mind, we separate here all the main details about the document, both about its new format and also all the changes that were made in order to make the new RG a kind of universal document for all Brazilians.

What this article covers:

What is the new RG?

Having started issuing in July 2022, the new RG is officially called the National Identity Card, or CIN, and in addition to being a complete replacement for the current document, it should unify the numbering of identity cards throughout Brazil.

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Another novelty is that, in addition to the physical version, the document has a completely digital version, which can be obtained free of charge at Federal Government applicationbeing accepted throughout the national territory.

Finally, the new RG can also be considered a travel document, facilitating the verification of the document for international travel between Mercosur member countries. However, it is still recommended that the citizen always carry the passport.

What is the purpose of the new RG?

Previously, the citizen’s RG was issued with a unique number of their State of origin, something that ended up causing certain complications, in case the person had to change state and, when issuing a new document, thanks to this numbering format, the citizen it could not have the same number on the new RG, which resulted in two different documents for the same person.

With the new General Registry, this will finally be resolved, as its numbering will be unified throughout the country, since it uses an existing and unique number, which is the Individual Taxpayer Registration Number, the CPF, and its authenticity can be checked through a QR Code on the document itself, something that makes some of the citizens’ day-to-day issues even easier. Authenticity can even be checked offline.

When will the new RG be implemented?

Officially, the new RG has been in force since March 2022, but its implementation began in July in Rio Grande do Sul, and currently, the document can also be issued in Acre and Goiás.

In addition to these states, it is expected that Minas Gerais and Paraná will also issue the document soon, but still without a concrete date. The other states do not have a forecast for the implementation of the new General Registry, but the deadline for the issuance to start is March 3, 2023.

Due to the long process for change, which will be done gradually, the current RG remains valid throughout Brazil until the year 2032.

How was the new RG created?

According to the Federal Government itself, the new General Registry was developed through a system that promises to make citizen identification safer and more practical, avoiding falsification of documents and possible scams.

How the new RG was created
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With the QR Code contained in the document, identification is extremely secure, as only federal agencies will have access to the program and system used to scan and validate the document.

With the arrival of this new RG, the daily life of Brazilians can be a little more peaceful, as the security and practicality it provides will make many bureaucratic issues to be resolved more quickly, saving the population from the long service queues in several locations.

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