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What is the most rebellious zodiac sign of all, according to astrology

The 12 signs of the zodiac can have moments of rebellion, but the one that tends to swim against the current is Aquarius.. The personality of those born from January 20 to February 18 is eccentric; They are creative beings, with a restless imagination, innovators, problem solvers and influencers, however, in search of originality they can become very stubborn.

Aquarius lives through great visions, it is not one of those who guides by a predetermined pattern, that is, they avoid following trends because their intelligence gives them to form their own rules. But what lies behind this unconventional personality? An article from Suggest.com analyzed the main astrological traits of this sign to reveal why it is the most rebellious of the zodiac.

Aquarius, the most rebellious fixed sign

The modalities of the signs refer to the position they occupy in the seasons of the year. The cardinals are at the beginning, the fixed ones in the middle and the mutable ones at the end of the season.

Fixed signs are not very flexible, they show loyalty and resistance. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and of course Aquarius belong to this modality. Aquarians are stubborn when it comes to following their ideals, which is why of the fixed signs they are the most rebellious.

Air signs are the most independent

The zodiacal elements (air, fire, earth and water) are associated with the temperament of the signs. Those who belong to the air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are the most cerebral, empathic, charming, but distant. They operate under their own rules and their character is usually very volatile..

Uranus, the planet of rebellion is the ruler of Aquarius

The energy of the ruling planet is manifested in the character of the signs. Uranus is the star associated with originality, progress, new things and rebellion. This cosmic vibe is imprinted on Aquarius, making it the most chaotic of the zodiac.

The astrological House of Aquarius rules the social

The 12 astrological houses govern an aspect of life, the 11th House of Aquarius relates to friendship, community and social circles. This energy makes this sign sensitive to trends, which are generally those that he himself dictates in his life.

Due to all these astrological traits, the most rebellious sign of the zodiac is Aquarius because its modality, element, ruling planet and astrological House configure its unconventional and irreverent personality.

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