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What is the Mercado Pago Point machine?

The Mercado Pago Point machine is the name given to the set of card machine models at Mercado Livre. The brand includes four types of machines, with different characteristics to serve the most varied establishments and businesses.

Point Mini is the most basic and cheapest model among the Mercado Pago machines. It is a compact model with simpler technology, as its name reveals. Point Mini works exclusively connected to a mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet.

The Mercado Pago Point Mini Chip machine is very similar to the previous model, but has its own chip as a differential, without the need for a cell phone to function. The difference is not much, but enough to increase the price of the product a little.

Among the most complete models is the Point Pro 2., which is closer to the traditional models found on the market, and offers more features when compared to the Mini versions. Its differential is the battery that lasts about 24 hours and the printing of customer receipts.

To finalize the Mercado Pago options, the Point Smart is the most advanced model available. It offers the same functionality found in the other types, plus other unique features. Its highlight is the touchscreen with color display, cutting-edge technology among card machines. In addition, the model still has a camera built into the device.

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Is it worth having the Mercado Pago Point machine?

The Mercado Pago Point machine has the differential of offering customers four different models, with different values ​​and functionalities. Each version is aimed at a specific audience. Point Smart and Pro 2 are aimed at large establishments, as they are models with longer battery life and better features. The Mini versions, on the other hand, are simpler and aimed at small businesses.

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As with any product, Mercado Pago Point machines have positive and negative points. Check out the main features below and make your assessment:


the machines Mercado Pago have, in general, some positive points in common. The main thing is the cheap rates, even for the most complete models, as well as the prices for purchasing the machines. All versions have support for the main flags that circulate in the market.

When purchasing any of the models, the customer has the right to request a prepaid Mastercard card. A digital account with income and loans is also automatically created, operated manually by the Mercado Pago application.


The paid market has a customer service considered reasonable, but it is not 24 hours a day, a weak point for the company’s models. In addition, the balance that falls on the digital account needs to be handled manually by the user and the machines do not accept meal vouchers.

What are the machine fees?

The Mercado Pago Point machine does not charge a monthly fee or any fixed fee. The business owner only pays the value of the sales made, the total of 1.99% with the balance released at the time. The amounts for installments vary from 3.60% and 5.31%, according to the time to receive the balance. In summary, the rates are considered good and among the best in the market.

How to order yours?

To request your Mercado Pago Point machine, you must access the company’s website and request the model that best suits your needs and your business. The process is simple and without much bureaucracy, with availability to be purchased by Individuals or Legal Entities. As the company offers a digital account, the buyer does not necessarily need to have a bank account to finalize the purchase.

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