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What is the meaning of placing a laurel in your shoe and why it is good luck

The practice of placing a laurel in the shoe is very popular because it is said that it attracts good luck, but what is the true meaning of this curious ritual? It is one of the most traditional spells to attract money and there are those who think that it brings fortune in any aspect of life, such as love.

The laurel is one of the favorite plants for rituals due to its meaning in esotericism. He is associated with power, success, triumphs, glory and is said to possess the gift of prophecy.for these reasons it is a powerful ingredient.

The ritual of the laurel in the shoe is one of the simplest, but despite its simplicity, the appropriate procedure must be followed so that its effectiveness is the best possible. As a first point, you have to get the freshest laurels possible, preferably freshly cut.

The use of this simple spell is mainly for fortune at work.For example, when we go to a job interview, we want a promotion, salary increase, approval of a project or have a good relationship with superiors.

However, it can also serve to have abundance and prosperity. The ritual will work when the objective is positive and our happiness does not mean the misfortune of others, according to, a site specialized in rituals that tells us how to carry out this procedure effectively.

Laurel to illustrate an esoteric recipe
Laurel is one of the elements with the most spiritual properties. Photo: Shutterstock

How to do the laurel ritual in the shoe?

The procedure is as the name of the ritual suggests, just put a bay leaf in our shoe. A prayer or other material is not necessary, what is essential is to place it in the shoes that we will wear that day.

You can put it in either of your two shoes, left or right. Change it when the direction your life is taking is not the one you want as it symbolizes breaking the cycle and starting over. It should be noted that the shoes to be worn in the ritual must be neat, as clean as possible because it symbolizes that we are looking for the purest and most beneficial for us.

You can use more than one bay leaf for any shoe. For example, if you are going to practice a sport and you want to have good results, place a sheet in the tennis shoes that you will use to compete.

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