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What is the maximum transfer value in pix

If you usually make payments via PIX frequently, you’ve definitely wondered if there’s a maximum limit for the transfer. The pix limit may vary from institution to institution to make the account more secure for users. But what is the reason for this limitation?

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Is there a maximum value for pix transfer?

Each banking institution has its limitation, according to its rules. The limit cannot be less than transfers made via TED, or in the case of a pix using QR Code, it must be greater than the maximum value of a credit card purchase.

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What are the new transfer value rules?

For security reasons, in the period between 8 pm and 6 am the following day, the pix limit is R$1,000. This was a new rule implemented in October 2021 to avoid blows and fraud that were becoming popular in the middle. The change includes individuals and individual microentrepreneurs.

How to increase pix transfer limit value

It is possible to increase this limit for night pix, but the banking institution has up to 48 hours to respond to the request, to avoid lightning kidnappings. Another option is to register contacts who can receive transfers over R$1,000 during this period.

How to know my pix download limit

To find out your pix limit, just contact your banking institution, through the telephone exchanges or by looking for information in the respective application, or internet banking?? The amount may vary from customer to customer, depending on their commonly performed transactions.

Why is there this transfer limit on pix

The limits established by banking institutions help provide more security for users, keeping the account more protected. There are several reports of scams and fraud using this payment method, mainly through the cloning of WhatsApp numbers.
Now you know how to find your pix limit, and why this limit is important for your security and your account.

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