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What is the love status between Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto

Before the end of 2022, it was speculated if Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto were still maintaining their relationship, since she was seen in public with another man and he was celebrating the birthday of actress Sara Corrales.

What happened had an impact on the continuity of the couple being questioned, which has caused enormous controversy since both made their relationship official, since Irina was one of the reasons why Soto concluded his marriage to Geraldine Bazán.

A few days ago, Inés Moreno announced that Baeva would not return the engagement ring to Gabriel in the event of a breakup, arguing that doing so would be proof that the two would indeed be ending their relationship, as well as making the break public. .

Despite the fact that the Mexican actor was seen with Sara Corrales, a source close to the couple confirmed to ‘People’ magazine that both stars not only have not had a break, but that they are more in love and united than ever. Therefore, best of all, they continue their plans to get married this year.

According to the magazine, their source added “they live together, they are still together, they spent Christmas and New Years together,” the source confirmed. “I don’t know what desire to separate them.” On the other hand, the publication indicated that it is not true that the Mexican has eyes for another woman that is not Irina.

According to the source consulted, he said that the rumors suggest that Gabriel is having an affair with Sara Corrales, his partner in the soap opera ‘My way is to love you’. “They have denied so many times that they are not separated that it doesn’t matter to them anymore.”

Meanwhile, in an interview on Televisa’s “Hoy” program, the Russian actress indicated without directly mentioning Soto, she confessed that her supposed distance from him has to do with work reasons, since she lives in New York.

For what he stated “We spent it here in Mexico and I launched on January 2to be there, even for two or three days, you know, a little bit of shopping, a little bit of walking,” he explained.

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