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What is the language that pays the most for mobile development in Colombia? • ENTER.CO

Salary matters a lot in software development. After all, one of the main attractions of this profession is much more attractive job offers than those usually found in our country. But in Software development what knowledge you have can determine how much freedom you have when negotiating: Are you a Java specialist or maybe yours is more Swift?

Of course, today one of the most frequent requests is software developers for mobile platforms. This year Page Group, a recruitment company, conducted a survey in which it sought to create an average sheet of how much professionals in the ICT sector are earning. Although the salaries represented here usually belong to large companies (which usually offer much more attractive salaries than SMEs), it can be an important factor when choosing what to focus your studies on.

As always, the experience is just as important as the programming language. For example, the base salary of a programmer with three to five years of experience in Kotlin (Android), Objective-C (iOS), Swift (iOS), and JavaScript (React Native) is $8 million. However, the most experienced programmers (8 to 12 years) who are best valued are those of JavaScript (React Native) with an average salary of 16.5 million pesos or even reaching a maximum salary of 20 million pesos.

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That said, it seems that the main position sought in Mobile development in the country is for Android JavaScript, which also explains why it is the one with the lowest salary (gross and maximum). The study also highlights that the skills that are most sought after in mobile software development professionals are leadership, communication, achievement orientation, adaptability and resilience, along with strategic thinking.

Again, having this knowledge can be vital in your job search or even a first guide if you are taking an interest in software development and want to determine what to focus on. Many academies today offer development courses focused on learning skills such as JavaScript, even with the possibility of connecting with companies that are recruiting and that offer these developers first opportunities to start their working life.

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