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What is the initial limit of the Banco Inter credit card?

Do you know what the initial limit value of the inter bank credit card is? Fintech has gained more and more satisfied customers, due to its Mastercard brand, which does not charge annuity.

Along with your credit card, you have access to a free digital account, with all the main tools at no charge.

The initial gold version already offers a good limit and cashback advantages. Understand all about the limit below.

What this article covers:

Banco Inter credit card initial limit: how does it work?

After you create the digital account completely online, wherever you want. After completing the account and releasing the debit function, you can request the credit within your application.

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Your data will be analyzed. From this, some criteria are evaluated, such as its history, consumption profile and payment in the market. Therefore, the initial amount will depend, and it can vary greatly from person to person, we know that the bank aims to offer a limit that meets your needs, but that is within your income.

However, one way to base the initial limit is according to reports from consumers on the internet, some cases of people with lower income, claim that the initial limit was from R$500.00 to R$1,500.00. But it is important to note that these are only unofficial information.

Is it possible to increase the limit of the Banco Inter credit card?

Yes, if the initial limit is not pleasing and does not meet expectations, the company itself makes assessments and increases your limit automatically, if you have good conditions and a good track record.

It is possible to increase the limit of the Banco Inter credit card

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The increase request can also be made through the bank’s application itself, but if it is denied, there is no other way to request it, you need to wait and follow the tips below to increase the chances of having your increase.

Tips to help increase the Banco Inter card limit?

Adopt the following habits and secure your credit.

Pay your invoices in full

Always try to pay the full amount of invoices, making the minimum payment is not well regarded by the bank. By paying the amount in full, you show that you have good financial control with the limit you already have, and the institution does not have to worry if you have more.

pay in advance

If possible, pay the invoice as soon as it closes, so that the bank understands that you are committed to your debts. Avoid paying at the last minute, and never pay late. You can register it for direct debit to avoid forgetting.

Buy with just one card

If you want to increase the limit, choose only one card to make your purchases, as the bank understands that the card has a lot of movement.

make investments

Banco Inter is so complete that it has investment options, you can use the CBD to keep your money, where it yields more than savings, and the amount applied is added to the limit for your card.

Always update income

If you have extra money or have increased your salary, update this in the app, income has an influence on the amount of your credit card limit.

Banco inter has arrived to make life easier for users, with practical solutions accessible to everyone. Be sure to take advantage of all the benefits that this free digital account and card free of extraneous fees offer. Take advantage of all the tips to boost your Inter limit.

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