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What is the Havan credit card limit and how to apply?

The Havan credit card is one of the services provided by Havan, a retail chain that has stores across the country. With the use of the Havan credit card, the user can enjoy great discounts and numerous exclusive advantages. Purchases in any sector of the store can be divided into up to 10 installments without interest.

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What are the benefits of the Havan credit card?

The Havan credit card offers many benefits as it aims to retain customers. With it, customers can pay the products in up to 10 interest-free installments. In addition, there is the availability to make the payment after 40 days from the date of purchase and also choose the maturity of the Havan credit card invoice.

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After issuing the Havan credit card, the user can opt for an additional card to be used by a family member. For this process, no new fees are charged and the invoice is the same as the holder’s.

Through the Havan credit card, everyone receives the benefit of exclusive promotions from all sectors of the store, including online purchases. Therefore, the card is ideal for those who shop at Havan frequently.

How does the Havan credit card work?

Made for customers to easily make purchases in stores, the Havan credit card works as a payment method. After the request, made free of charge, users can use it to pay for all products in physical stores and also for Havana official website??

To obtain the Havan credit card, it is not necessary to pay membership or annual fees. In addition, the payment of the entire invoice can be made through the stores or by a bank slip, issued directly on the website.

What is the Havan credit card limit?

The Havan credit card limit is defined after the customer’s credit analysis. Generally, it is available from BRL 800 to BRL 4,000. It all depends on the profile of the person applying for the card.

For those who are already users of the Havan credit card, it is possible to view the initial limit through the company’s website. To do so, simply access the available environment and enter your personal data.

What are the Havan credit card fees?

To use the Havan credit card, it is not necessary to pay fees. It requires no annuity or membership fees. In addition, to make the request, a minimum amount of minimum income is not defined. Interested parties should only prove an average score.

How to apply for Havan credit card?

The best way to order the Havan credit card is through the store application. After downloading, the ”request card” option will be available to the user. It is also possible to carry out the same process at one of the chain’s stores, just have your personal documents and look for a specialized attendant.

How to apply for Havan credit card

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Before ordering, the customer must meet some minimum requirements, they are:

  • Being of legal age;
  • Prove income for at least 03 months;
  • Not having a negative name;

After presenting the necessary documents, the approval of the Havan credit card will depend on the analysis carried out by the store. If approved, the customer will be notified through the App and registered email.

How to issue a Havan credit card invoice?

One of the facilities of the Havan credit card is the possibility of issuing the invoice through one of the physical stores, website or App. In the case of the application and website, the process is carried out by the customer area, where it is also possible to view all purchases made in the month, check extracts and view the limit. Invoices are paid at any Havan store or by barcode.

Havan credit card service channels?

For the greater satisfaction of its users, Havan provides a complete service center. Complaints, questions and other matters related to the card can be handled through the following channels:

  • WhatsApp Havana: (47) 3251-5249
  • Chat Havan: available in the customer area through the Havan platform.
  • SAC Havana: 0800-765-5571

Through these service channels, it is possible to deal with all problems related to the card. For those who prefer, it is also possible to get help in physical stores, just look for the sector specializing in Havan credit card.

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