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What is the Gol credit card and how to apply?

The Gol credit card is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to travel. Together with the Smiles airline miles program, the credit card offers several benefits with special conditions for customers who travel by plane constantly.

Currently, there are several types of credit cards that have points and miles accumulation programs, so the competition in this category is really great.

To help you get to know the Gol credit card better, we have gathered some information about it. See how it works, what advantages, benefits and much more by reading this content.

What this article covers:

How does the Gol credit card work?

The consumer uses the Gol card as a form of payment, so the value of the invoices and annuity generate the miles. These miles can be used to purchase airfare, car rental, hotel accommodation and much more.

Benefits of the Gol credit card?

The benefits depend a lot on the type of Gol card you choose, however, they all have benefits. Below are the main benefits:

  • International;
  • Share airline tickets in up to 12 installments;
  • Emergency withdrawal;
  • Emergency replacement;
  • Miles program;
  • Travel assistance (24 hours).

As the Gol credit card has several options with modalities and benefits.

What are the advantages of having the Gol credit card?

There are several advantages to using the Gol credit card. Among them are the accumulation of miles, bonus miles, additional cards and automatic credit in miles. Not to mention that even paying the annuity generates miles.

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Therefore, the Gol credit card brings several advantages and benefits for those who travel by plane frequently. Because, it is easier to accumulate miles than other credit cards with the same functionality.


Even though it is one of the cards that has the most benefits, the Gol card also has some disadvantages. Check it out below:

  • Proof of minimum income to be able to apply;
  • Has annuity;
  • It is not made available to the general public.

It is not available to the general public as it requires a minimum monthly income. This means that those considering applying for the card must have the minimum income according to the type of card they want.

Do you have a goal credit card option for negatives?

The Gol credit card does not have the option for negatives. Therefore, it is important to always be aware of the score and be careful not to have the name in SPC or SERASA.

And for MEI?

It is possible to request the Gol card only with CPF. So this is not an opportunity to create a PJ account.

How to apply for the Gol card?

Applying for the Gol credit card is very easy. Simply access the website provided by Bradesco and click on “Praça o seu”. For those who are already a Smiles customer, just log in, but those who are not yet need to create an account.

After that, you just need to enter the requested data, register and wait for approval. Remember that proof of minimum monthly income is required.

How do I settle my Gol credit card debt?

It is possible to regularize the debit of the Gol card through the application of the card issuing bank.

How do I settle my credit card debt?
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Just go to the invoice field and check which ones are open. This is quick, easy and the invoice can be paid at any bank even through their app, including digital ones.

Now that you know about the Gol Smiles card, it’s time to decide if it’s the best option for you. It’s important to choose a credit card that meets your needs, so choose the right one.

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