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What is the future of Queen Mave after the end of ‘The Boys’ • ENTER.CO

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The most recent season of The Boys ended with quite a few characters saying goodbye. One of them was Queen Maeve.

In the final showdown against Soldier Boy, The Boys leads us to believe that the heroine dies after jumping off the Vough building, preventing the explosion from killing everyone in the building. Minutes later we find out that Maeve survived, but that she has now lost all of her powers (similar to Kimiko earlier in the season).

Vough (doing business as usual) covered up the confrontation and to the world (and Homelander) she is dead. What does this mean for the future of the character in The Boys.

The Boys gave it a much happier ending

The Maeve from the TV series is perhaps one of the best revisions the show made to the comic. Unlike her comic book counterpart, the comic book Maeve never really recovers from the ravages caused by Homelander. Often drunk and looking for one night stands, Maeve is even a participant in the Herogasm (which in the comics is much more of a little orgy).

However, she is also shown to be one of the few allies Starligh has. It is eventually discovered that she is a spy for The Boys and when she tries to escape with Annie, she is intercepted by Homelander. Although the fight is never shown, Maeve ends up being decapitated.

The comics somewhat recreate this final encounter, but give the Maeve from the TV series a slightly fairer fight against Homelander (although she still can’t do any damage).

Mareve will return to The Boys ‘at some point’

The good news is that the TV series was much kinder to Mave and instead of killing her, they made the decision to take away her powers and thus ‘eliminate her from the show’ in a much less brutal way than their usual counterparts. characters. The question now is: will Marve return to The Boys?

In an interview for TV Line, Eric Kripke (showrunner of the show) confirmed some things about the character’s future. First of all, we shouldn’t expect to see Maeve anytime soon and it’s even possible that she won’t appear at all in Season 4 of the show. However, the series made the decision not to kill her, guaranteeing that there are plans and a future space for her character “the series definitely will not end without us seeing Maeve again”, Kripke assured.

For now, it is very difficult to predict the future of The Boys. The most recent season proved that at this point the show is only borrowing some characters and plots, but that it is writing its own history. Whatever plans the show has for Maeve, we just hope they don’t end in a remake of her ending in the comics and that by the time the series ends the Queen of the Seven still has her head.

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