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What is the fingerprint? The trail we leave on the Internet • ENTER.CO

Whether we like it or not, whenever we browse the Internet we leave a digital footprint that says a lot about who we are or what we do. No one escapes this trail and what it says about you can be used for good or for bad. Pay attention!

What is the fingerprint? It is not the same as a fingerprint, although it fulfills a very similar function. Every time we browse the Internet we leave a trail. By commenting, liking, sharing or posting, we are delivering useful information in every way. This is the footprint that is easiest to locate and that we do not want to hide. But did you know that searching the internet, watching videos or stopping for a long time from a publication also leaves its mark?

This is the information that few know because it is what detectives use to investigate and find out if you have committed a computer crime. Anonymity is not a rule on the internet, no matter how much you want to achieve it. Every movement, even when you talk to your personal assistant (Siri, Alexa or Cortana) you are leaving a mark. This is what researchers call “metadata” and it is through it that our profile on the Internet is known.

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It is clear that our profile can be positive or negative. This depends on our behavior on the networks. Beyond our name, likes and others that we have placed on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. It is important that you know that all this information on the Internet is public and believe it or not, there are those who can access it for good or bad things.

For example, a hacker or criminal can know your routes, restaurants or most frequented places. You can know your tastes, trips or purchases just by reviewing your publications. To a large extent the level of privacy in your life depends on you. What you post or do on the Internet can be used against you if you allow it.

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