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What is the fee for the PagSeguro machine?

PagSeguro is a company that provides digital payments to its customers and another service that made the company famous was the supply of machines for businessmen and small entrepreneurs to provide card payments to their customers, given that there is too much consumption of this form of payment.

Thus, they helped to popularize card payment and offer numerous advantages to their consumers.

What this article covers:

What is the PagSeguro machine?

The PagSeguro machine is simply a credit and debit card reader machine. Ideal for those who sell products and services, but want to receive other forms of payment in addition to cash, PIX and bank slip. PagSeguro, on the other hand, is a company created by UOL, belonging to Grupo Folha, which provides digital payments, which can be through a link on the internet or through machines.

How to request the PagSeguro machine?

Just access the PagSeguro websiteget to know the plans and acquire the equipment that best fits your company’s profile.

What are the PagSeguro ATM fees?

When purchasing the machine, part of the payment for your product will be transferred to PagSeguro. They are charged per transaction and sale. Also, you can choose whether you will receive the payment money right away or within 14 to 30 days. This will depend on the rate you choose.

For each debit payment, the entrepreneur will deliver 1.99% of what was paid to PagSeguro, but will receive the money as soon as the card transaction is authorized.

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As for credit, this can vary slightly. If you want to receive the money after 14 days of authorization of the card transaction, you will deliver 3.99% of the paid product to the company. This if the option was the view. If it is paid in installments, it will deliver 4.59% of the product price.

For example: If a person paid R$ 300 reais for a pair of pants and paid in three installments. The businessman will pay R$ 13.77, which corresponds to 4.59% of the product.

However, the entrepreneur can choose to receive it 30 days after the transaction, but the rate changes. You will pay PagSeguro 3.19% in cash or 3.79% in installments. If you want it right away, the payment of the fee will be 4.99% in cash and 5.59% in installments.

Next, we will present the models that PagSeguro offers.

Modern Smart

Moderninha Smart is the one with the best benefits, as it has a free digital account, transfers and even loans.

Mordeninha Pro 2

It is indicated for those who have a large movement of customers, such as snack bars and restaurants. Its name is not for nothing, as experts consider it to be the most modern, mainly because it accepts 22 forms of payment, has a 4G connection, WI-FI and free data plans.

Mordeninha Plus

Its differential is to present a battery twice as powerful as the Moderninha Plus 2, in addition to having the most advantageous price.


The Minizinha, as the name already says, she is very small and fits in your pocket. To secure her payment, she needs the app on her cell phone that connects to the machine via bluetooth.

There is also the Minizinha Chip 2, which is another machine that is easy to transport. In addition, it connects either through Wi-Fi networks or can install a cell phone chip for internet. Not to mention that proof of payment can be sent via the customer’s cell phone.

Its differential in relation to Minizinha is that it has data plans included to receive card payments.

Both are ideal for companies that are starting or are small.

hipster X

Its name is not for nothing, as experts consider it to be the most modern, mainly because it accepts 22 forms of payment, has a 4G connection, WI-FI and free data plans.

PagSeguro Machine: how does the installment fee work?

But, if there is an installment payment, there will be a fee charge. If the customer divides the payment into up to 12 installments, an extra fee will be charged, which varies between 1.41% per installment. For Visa cards and payment in 18 installments, this installment will be 1.31%.

PagSeguro machine how the installment fee works

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What other advantages of having the PagSeguro machine?

Below are some of the advantages of purchasing your machine to collect card payments from your customers.

no rent

Another advantage is not charging rent or other monthly fees. That is, you bought the machine and it will be yours forever. Also, you won’t pay any penny to release its operation.

Free shipping

When buying your PagSeguro machine, the customer will not pay any shipping. I mean, it will arrive at your house without the additional cost.

Chip with data plan

For those who buy a machine with a chip reader, PagSeguro has an internet package with its own data plan, making it work in places that do not have access to Wi-Fi.

Account at PagBank

Everyone with the PagSeguro machine has a PagBank account, which is a digital bank to receive all the money via credit and/or debit card payment. There, the customer can make a transfer, pay bills, bank slips and also invest the money, which yields 10% more in savings, as the values ​​yield 100% of the CDI annually.

international card

In addition to PagBank, customers receive an international card, which they can withdraw and transfer from anywhere in the world. It is worth it for entrepreneurs who work with imports.

unlimited TEDs

Unlike some banks that pay a specific fee when exceeding the TED limits, PagSeguro does not charge additionally when transferring to other banks.

What is the PagSeguro sales simulator?

The Sales Simulator is a service that PagSeguro provides to find out if the receipt of money with the machine is a beneficiary or not. Its objective is to check the best rates and tariffs for your company or service.

Where to find the simulator?

You can find the simulator on the PagSeguro website and also on its application. To access the Simulator, access this link.

Now that you know all the features and advantages of having a PagSeguro machine, share this text with people who want to have a credit card reader.

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