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What is the extraordinary FGTS and how does it work?

The extraordinary FGTS withdrawal is the new modality for workers who wish to withdraw a part of their Guarantee Fund for length of service in 2022. See how it works and who is entitled to it.

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Unlike the anniversary withdrawal, the extraordinary FGTS is a single withdrawal of up to R$ 1,000.00 per CPF, that is, even if you have a larger balance in your accounts, it will only be possible to withdraw up to the limit amount. The extraordinary withdrawal does not interfere with other withdrawal methods unless your account is reset to zero.

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If the worker has more than one FGTS account, the withdrawal starts with the accounts in which the employment contract has already been terminated and which have the lowest balance. If the balance in the FGTS account is a guarantee for the anniversary withdrawal loan, it will be blocked and the worker will not be entitled to the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal.

The balance available for the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal and the date of availability can be consulted in the FGTS app for free, it is available for Android and IOS devices and you just need to log in with your CPF and password.

Every worker who has a balance in their active and inactive accounts until the date of release of the benefit.

The FGTS is linked to Caixa Econômica Federal and for this reason, the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal is automatically deposited in your digital savings account and you can move it through the CAIXA TEM app??

Where is the extraordinary FGTS deposited?

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The CAIXA TEM app is also available for Android and iOS devices, where you can transfer your money to another account that you own, pay bills, use the virtual debit card to make purchases, pay with QR code in machines and also make Pix. Cash withdrawals can be made at Caixa Econômica Federal and lottery agencies.

Until when can the extraordinary FGTS be requested?

You do not need to make any request to receive the extraordinary FGTS, as it is automatic, but the release of amounts works in a similar way to other withdrawals, through a calendar.

payment schedule

The last demand for the release of the extraordinary FGTS ended on June 16th for those born in December, so if your month has already passed, check the balance in your CAIXA TEM application as the amounts can be used until the 15th. from December.

If the date is reached and there is no movement on the available balance, it returns to your FGTS account automatically.

Unless there is a new update, the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal is only valid for the year 2022, but other withdrawal modalities such as birthday withdrawal and termination withdrawal remain in force.

Extra money is always welcome, isn’t it? For this reason, when FGTS withdrawals are released, millions of workers seek information to receive them and the extraordinary withdrawal is one of them.

But if you still have questions, you can contact the Caixa Cidadão Service Center on 0800 726 0207, available 24 hours a day.

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