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What is the Digio credit card and what are its advantages?

The Digio credit card is one of the options brought by the popularization of digital banks. The technology of our time has allowed many people without access to facilitated accounts to join banks and fintechs in a practical and fast way.

And today we will know the credit card of one of these institutions, the digital bank Digio, and at the end of the text, you can analyze if it is worth it.

What this article covers:

What is the Digio credit card?

The Digio credit card, or Digio card, is a card offered by the digital bank of the same name. As a digital bank, Digio offers its services, including the card, in a totally virtual and online way. All very practical and fast, an excellent option for those who want a basic card with some urgency.

What are the exclusive advantages of the Digio credit card?

But don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of a digital card, the Digio card has some advantages that don’t look bad when compared to cards offered by large financial institutions.

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The card does not charge an annual fee, a tremendous advantage over many cards. It also has a native cashback system that works for partner stores of the digital bank, returning a percentage of the value of your purchases to you. The bank also offers a virtual store with exclusive offers for the card.

All this, added to the fact that the card is from a fintech with a fully digital service, makes the card a great choice even for those who already have others. After all, you have access to some benefits without paying any annuity.

How does the Digio credit card work?

And for those who have doubts, the Digio credit card works like most on the market, having a very complete basic operation. With it you can do your online shopping, installment purchases, purchases in installments and you can even pay for subscriptions to virtual services or feed digital wallets.

What is the limit of the Digio card?

Digio bank grants a personalized limit to each customer, based on the credit analysis carried out by the digital bank. But the institution also makes it clear that the minimum limit that your Digio card can initially have is R$500.00 and you can request an increase, or even receive it as an offer, after using the card and paying your bills on time.

Does the Digio credit card offer an option for negatives?

In Brazil, it is not uncommon for someone to be negative, with the so-called “dirty name” for ending up in debt somewhere and not being able to pay. People in this condition often have immense difficulty getting good credit cards, loans, and other financial services. But with Digio it’s different!

The Digio credit card offers an option for negatives
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Although the institution, like most, does not reveal in detail how its credit analysis works, many negative people declare that they had their Digio card request fulfilled. So it’s worth a try!

How to order the Digio card?

The Digio card can be made 100% online, very practical and easy. You can request a credit card through Digio’s website, or if you prefer, you can access your app store on your smartphone and search for the Digio bank application?? After creating your account you can apply for a credit card.

See how simple it is? Be sure to request yours, after all, the Digio card offers cashback and exclusive discounts without charging an annual fee! It really is a very interesting card in the digital market.

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