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What is the DEP COD 01 Withdrawal in the FGTS?

A lot of people don’t know what the FGTS DEP COD 01 Withdrawal is, despite being a common term. It is a code developed by Caixa Econômica Federal (bank responsible for the FGTS) to indicate the situation of the worker’s guarantee fund. Follow the text and better understand what the DEP COD 01 Withdrawal is and also get to know other similar terms.

What this article covers:

FGTS rights

The rights attributed to the FGTS can be accessed by workers who carry out their employment activities within the CLT regime, that is, all those who have formal work. Thus, they can fit into this scenario: rural, temporary and independent workers, domestic servants, harvesters and professional athletes.

Dep Code 01 FGTS: What is it?

It is not difficult to understand what Saque Dep Cod 01 is. It is a code developed and used by Caixa to guide workers on the status of their FGTS benefit. In this case, when the beneficiary verifies the presence of the term Withdrawal DEP COD 01 in the FGTS system, it means that the money from the fund is available to be withdrawn.

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The “Withdrawal DEP” indicates that the amount is ready to be collected by the worker and the “COD 01″ says that the individual was dismissed from his last job through unfair dismissal.

How the DEP COD 01 withdrawal worksIn practice,

In practice, it’s very simple: if the worker sees the Withdrawal code DEP COD 01 on the FGTS platform, either on the app or on the website, he must go to a Caixa branch to withdraw the money from the fund.

When can FGTS be withdrawn

Now that you understand what the DEP COD 01 Withdrawal is, it is also interesting to know when the FGTS can be withdrawn. At work laws relating to the topic make the money from the fund available in the following situations:

  • Dismissal without just cause;
  • No paid work for 90 days or more (for temporary workers);
  • Be over 70 years old;
  • When buying your own home;
  • Time to retire;
  • Extinction of the employing company;
  • Serious illness of the employee or close people;
  • End of contract (for temporary workers);
  • Termination of contract in common agreement with the boss.

In all these situations, it is possible to withdraw the FGTS, just follow the rules determined by Caixa to collect the money.

What does DEP COD 04 loot mean

Withdrawal DEP COD 04 is another code used by Caixa. In this specific case, it shows that the citizen became unemployed due to the end of the contract within the specified period. This also applies to workers who had a temporary contract. In any case, the money can be withdrawn by the citizen.

What does DEP COD 04 loot mean

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What is DEP COD 05 withdrawal

The DEP COD 05 withdrawal indicates that the worker or director is not employed for any of the following reasons: retirement (including disability), termination of employment contracts signed after retirement (both for cause and by request) and removal of the director not employed (by request or for just cause) also in the context of employment contracts signed after retirement.

What does JAM COD 01 loot mean

The JAM COD 01 withdrawal is a very common term, and indicates that it is possible to withdraw money from the FGTS with interest. That is, the amounts available in the worker’s guarantee fund accounts have yielded and can be collected with the readjustment.

Now that you already know what the Dep Cod 01 Withdrawal is and also know other common terms associated with the FGTS withdrawal, it is easier to enjoy the benefit properly.

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