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What is the deadline to recover the CPF?

The individual registration, also known as CPF, is frequently used in our daily lives. Mainly, when registering to participate in contests, shopping and various other situations.

Imagine that you tried to register with your CPF number and received the information that it is suspended. The first impression will be one of fright and doubt, because without it you are prevented from carrying out several important actions as an individual.

This change in the status of your individual registration can happen for a number of reasons. Pay attention to the guidelines below to find out how to solve it and what deadline you have to recover it.

What this article covers:

What is the CPF used for?

The CPF is a number used by the Brazilian government to identify citizens and residents of the country. It is used for tax, cadastral and social security purposes. This document is required to make a purchase, enroll, apply for a credit card, open a bank account, obtain a passport, receive a pension and much more. Another very important function is to identify the taxpayers of the income tax.

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It can be requested for both minors and adults over 18 years of age.

Is the CPF valid?

After the information that the CPF may have changes in its status, you may be confused, and wonder if it has validity. But the truth is that the CPF is valid for life. As it does not have a signature or photo insertion, it does not need to be renewed, and it does not serve as an identification document.

To be an appropriate document for identification, it needs to have a photo of the citizen.

What are the reasons for the CPF being suspended?

It can occur when there is a data incompatibility, that is, the information is incomplete or with some error in data such as date of birth, different name, mother’s name or even voter registration.

The CPF can be suspended for several reasons, such as not attending conciliation hearings, not paying debts, among others. This also goes for people who did not attend the poll and did not perform the regularization.

How to regularize the CPF?

There are five types of irregularities in the CPF, null, cancelled, deceased holder, suspended and pending regularization. This situation must be resolved with the IRS. Basically, you must fill out a form on the Federal Revenue website to request the regularization and go to the location in person.

Can I regularize the CPF online?

Yup. There is the possibility of regularization via the internet, which was deliberated after the health conditions we are currently experiencing due to the pandemic. After verifying your registration status in this IRS website and find that it is not regular, you must fill out this form that is only aimed at having your CPF suspended.

Can I regularize the CPF online

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Enter all your information carefully, and then hit send. If you are unable or have any problems submitting this form, click on contact at the top of the site. There will be several forms available for you to clear your doubts.

What is the deadline to regularize the CPF?

The deadline is up to 90 days from the day of the request. And if the individual does not show up on the day, it will be automatically cancelled. The documents to make your CPF regular can differ between ages. Remember that it is possible to solve it online also with the guidelines given in the previous topic.

In addition to those over and under 18 years of age, there are those made by attorney or through diplomatic representation. Be careful not to forget any important documents.

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