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What is the customer service number?

The C6 Bank telephone can be consulted for the possibility of contacting an agent via telephone to solve certain problems that, through the chat in the application, it is impossible to solve. It is indicated for people who prefer a dialogue to understand certain information that by message can be confusing or not explained correctly.

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What is C6 Bank?

C6 Bank is one of the leading digital banks in Brazil, offering its customers many services and other benefits. It is possible to have a current account, credit and debit card, along with options to make investments, in addition to the Átomos points program and the possibility of accessing the C6 Store.

The application is available for both Android and iOS, just access the play store or Apple Store to download and register properly to become a C6 Bank customer and enjoy all its benefits!

Which bank does it belong to?

This bank has existed since 2018 through the founding of four BTG Pactual bank executives. However, it was only in January 2020 that the bank obtained the proper license from the Central Bank to be able to operate as a real bank.

C6 Bank has headquarters in the state of São Paulo, in the capital of São Paulo and it is possible to find them on Avenida 9 de Julho, if you feel the need to talk to a bank consultant.

What is the C6 Bank phone number?

As much as virtually all problems can be solved online, there are others that can only be called, so write down the SAC: 0800-660-0060.

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The telephone remains available 24 hours a day a week, and your calls will be free of charge to resolve any queries, make complaints or any cancellations. The number works for all states and capitals in Brazil.

What other means of communication?

If there is a need to make contact with the relationship center, just call the number 3003-6116 for all capitals and metropolitan regions. For other regions of Brazil, just dial 0800-600-6116.

If you prefer to talk through messages and not waste time calling, just note the C6 Bank WhatsApp number in your agenda: (11) 2832-6088.

For those who choose to be more formal or do not have time to make calls or send messages on their cell phones, just send an email to [email protected] If you need to contact the press office: [email protected]

What are the benefits of being a C6 Bank customer?

One of the main benefits of being a C6 Bank customer is being able to count on a credit card made for negative people, that is, it will be possible to apply for the card even if it has a restricted name. As much as the limit may not be so high, it becomes a great help for you, in addition to being able to pay your monthly bill through the application itself to release the limit at once.

It becomes possible to accumulate points through the Átomos program and simply exchange them for prizes or cashback, and have the amount directly in your account whenever possible. Just make purchases with your C6 Bank credit card.

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