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What is the CPF and what is its digital version?

Despite being a mandatory document for Brazilian citizens, it is common for some people not to even know what the CPF is. Perhaps due to lack of access to information or just because they do not question its function, many people request it just because they needed it or at some point in their lives, but they do not understand the importance of this document in their daily lives.

But, you don’t need to continue with this doubt. Check out in this article What is the CPF, what it is for and how to have the digital version.

What this article covers:

What is CPF?

A document also known as personal registration. It is a document that every citizen should have. It already had its version in card format and now it is usually printed on paper, or inserted directly into the identity card.

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In the case of those born in recent years, from 2015 to the present, it can be even more difficult to know what the CPF is, since this registration is already made at the time of birth registration, being printed on the certificate.

What is the CPF for and when to get it?

Now that we know what the CPF is, let’s understand what it’s for.

This is an official document, issued by the IRS to distinguish and identify citizens. It has 11 numbers, and can only be changed if it is decided in court. It is used to identify each citizen and only with it can open a bank account, enroll in a college, shop in a store with a credit card and much more.

There is no minimum age to request this document, which is now issued with the birth certificate, but only those over 16 years of age can carry out the process without needing a guardian, in case of those born before 2015.

For those over 18 years of age, the document required for issuing the CPF is the RG. And for minors under 18, ID of the person responsible and birth certificate (or ID). With this documentation in hand, go to the Post Office, Caixa Econômica or Banco do Brasil to request the issuance of yours.

Remember to register your children’s CPF if he or she is already 12 years old and you are including his or her expenses in your income tax.

Is there a payment fee for the first CPF?

In addition to the question about what the CPF is, another is about the cost of issuing it. The fee is usually a maximum of 7 reais. But this same process can be done for free and online. However, it can only be issued to a citizen up to 25 years of age who is regular.

What is the Digital CPF and what is it for?

With so much accessibility provided by the online world, the digital version of most documents is now available. If you can’t imagine what the digital CPF is, you will find out now. It is an application that allows you to access the registration of an individual through your cell phone.

What is the Digital CPF and what is it for?
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This service was made available in 2020, but only CNH holders can use the application. Yes, it requires verification by means of biometrics. This digital version is perfect for those who have difficulty recording numbers and tend to forget their documents or wallet at home.

How it works?

We understand what the digital CPF is, but how do we use it? To obtain this digital version, you must download the CPF digital app. Check out the topic below, to know how to perform the step by step.

How to download?

Go to the place where you usually download apps, for Android it’s the Play Store and for IOS the App Store. Search for digital CPF and click to download. After the download is complete, open it and fill in the blank fields with the digits of your CPF and the date of your birth.

Go ahead and agree to the terms and conditions. Soon after, you need to take a selfie and create a four-digit security PIN code. And that’s it, your document will be displayed on your smartphone screen.

Now all the mysteries about What is the CPF and even What is the digital CPF have already been solved. Follow all the steps indicated above and be able to access your CPF at any time!

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