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What is the Corporate Name of the MEI and how to consult it?

The business name of MEI is the official, original and only record of MEI for official uses such as contracts and invoices, in addition to being the record for the government. Its creation and consultation can be done entirely over the internet.

Due to its high use in employment records as a replacement for the CLT, the CNPJ has become very sought after by those who want to work in another way. In addition, with it it is possible to create a small company and start a business, without much bureaucracy.

To find out more information about MEI’s corporate name and how to consult it, continue reading this text.

What this article covers:

What is the Social Reason of MEI?

The corporate name of the MEI is the unique and exclusive name of the legal entity registration. This name will not necessarily be the company name to the public, just a registration. That is, it is possible to have the business name of the MEI and the fantasy name different.

What is social reason for? Source/Reproduction: original.

This data serves only for registration and is the official name of the company for any official situation, such as contracts, records, deeds and invoices. Therefore, it must be unique for each company.

Who can have?

The business name of the MEI is mandatory data for creating a MEI, therefore all entrepreneurs must have, or create one when creating their company. Without this data, it is not possible to open your business officially, that is, regularized and registered with the government and regulatory entities.

How it works?

Due to enterprises with similar names or franchises, which would have the same name, the corporate name of the MEI cannot be the name of the company, as this would cause great confusion in the registry. In addition, the company name can change and still maintain the same branch, just going through an adaptation, redesign or any reason, this would lead to the change of registration as well.

To prevent this from happening, MEI’s corporate name is a single registration that serves only for official reasons, so any change in name, or similarity, does not change MEI’s registration, only its fantasy name.

The Fantasy Name

Totally different from the business name of MEI and much more popular, the Fantasia Name is how the entrepreneur names his company, whatever it is called and known by the public and the name that will be stamped.

This name tends to be simpler and more direct to the product or service that will be offered, unlike the corporate name of MEI, which may contain acronyms, personal names and CPF in its composition.

Can MEI have a Fantasy Name?

The trade name is not mandatory for the MEI, unlike the corporate name of the MEI. However, many choose to create their fantasy name in order to leverage the business and create marketing. In this case, MEI can register a fantasy name both at the time of creation of the company and afterwards, if it is interesting.

Can MEI have a Fantasy Name?

Fantasy name. Source/Reproduction: original.

Not every MEI wants to create a company permanently and the non-obligation of the trade name helps for those who only want their own CNPJ number for various purposes. If MEI wants to use this MEI business name registration for a real business, just update the MEI registration with the government.

How to choose the Corporate Name of the company’s MEI?

Unfortunately for MEI, there is no option on how to choose your MEI business name. At the time of registration, the corporate name will consist of the full name of the owner followed by his CPF.

This limitation is directed only to the MEI, which often will not use a complex registration and may not even have a fancy name. For other companies, this record may contain a trade name and type of business or company model (LTDA, for example).

How to consult the Corporate Name by the company’s CNPJ?

To consult the MEI’s corporate name, access the government website and select Start. You will be redirected to the government login page.

To access, just enter your registered data or create your first login. After access, it will be possible to select the type of data for consultation between CNPJ, Corporate Name and Trade Name. After entering the necessary data, click on “Services” above the company name. Select Legal Entity Data, the next page will already show the corporate name in Corporate Name.

Joining the MEI can be an option or a necessity. To open a small business, it is the perfect type of registration because it is simple and online, in addition to already creating your CNPJ and Corporate Name, which can be used to evolve your registration into an ME, for example. In addition, some companies prefer to hire via PJ instead of CLT and in this case, having a MEI or creating one can help you get that dream job. However, it is important to be aware of the differences in the rights of each registry and balance what is best for you.

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