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what is the contact number?

The Dataprev Ombudsman is responsible for responding to user manifestations about the public service, with the registration of denouncements aimed at fraud and corruption. Keep reading to learn more about the Ombudsman and learn how to register your complaint!

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What is the Dataprev Ombudsman?

The Dataprev Ombudsman was developed by the Comptroller General of the Union, and is a space dedicated to registering manifestations to the public service.

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How to make a complaint?

The complaints are related to ethical violations, corruption and fraud. These illegal acts can be registered with the Dataprev Ombudsman, but it is important that the complaint is clear and with as much detail as possible. To do this, think about the answers to the following questions:

  • What is being defrauded/corrupted?
  • Who are responsible?
  • What is the purpose of fraud/corruption?
  • How is the fraud/corruption being carried out?
  • What value is being diverted?
  • How long has the fraud/corruption been going on?
  • Where does fraud/corruption take place?

With these answers, it is possible to file a complaint with the Ombudsman.

If you wish to contact the Dataprev Ombudsman, simply request assistance on the website or call the number 0800 081 5899. It is worth remembering that Dataprev does not provide telephone channels for registering complaints.

How to contact the Dataprev Ombudsman

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Fundamentals of the Dataprev Ombudsman

The Ombudsman believes that all manifestations are important, and guarantees the total preservation of the identity of those who register complaints.

Dataprev Ombudsman Annual Report

The annual report includes the main actions carried out by the company’s Ombudsman. The files can be accessed through the website, and demonstrate the commitment with the detection of irregularities in the public service.

Service maturity Dataprev

Dataprev’s Service Maturity is the model for self-assessment diagnosis, which seeks to improve its work processes.

Dataprev Research Report

The satisfaction survey is carried out annually, aiming to evaluate the quality of the service provided by the Dataprev and the fulfillment of its commitments.

The Ombudsman is a channel that allows the population to report irregularities related to the public service. Reports can be made through the website, and the user’s identity is preserved.

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