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What is the Conecta Amazônia Project?

The Conecta Amazônia Project aims to offer internet in remote locations such as rural areas. Mainly in the northern region of Brazil, where the quality of the servers leaves something to be desired, and they are not always able to serve remote locations.

In this text we will understand better about this project.

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What is the Connect Amazon project?

The participation of the CNJ demonstrates the objectivity of the project, which is to bring internet and other digital services to the North of Brazil. This is because several regions of Brazil do not have any internet connectivity.

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The main focus of the Conecta Amazônia Project is to provide satellites to Brazil. In this way, offering not only access to residents of these regions, but a guarantee of rights and public services that simplify the resolution of various issues of that population.

Since January, Anatel has allowed Starlink to carry out a commercial inspection, in order to find out how the Brazilian system of orbiting satellites is doing.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is founder, chief executive and technical director of SpaceX, Vice President of OpenAI, President of SolarCity, CEO of Tesla and Neuralink. Not to mention he is currently the richest man in the world.

His fortune is currently estimated at $218.1 billion. In fact, it is an extremely high amount and hard to imagine. This value was presented by Forbes in 2022.

It is no wonder that his presence in Brazil to meet with Brazilian representatives has generated so many comments regarding the Conecta Amazônia Project. This is because there are strong speculations about what will be done in the country, and the possible changes that are to come.

Starlink contains satellites that provide an excellent connection in more remote areas. In this case, there is a lower response time than we currently know.

The speed of a download by Starlink can reach from 100mb to 200mb per second. This is one of the strongest and most important points that must be observed, as they are, in fact, incredible values ​​​​for a satellite internet.

Starlink reaches remote areas, that is, places where there is no internet connection. We can exemplify how when we think of rural areas, which hardly have decent access to the network, and if they do, it is via radio with low stability.

Starlink’s functionality takes place by sending various information through a special vacuum. In this way, it manages to navigate with ease and greater agility than in optical fibers.

Who attended the meeting?

In the Conecta Amazônia Project, Dias Toffoli (STF minister), Jair Bolsonaro, Ciro Nogueira, Augusto Heleno, Roberto Campos Neto, Fábio Faria, and Walter Braga Netto participated.

Who attended the meeting

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There were other figures, such as Paulo Sérgio Nogueira, Carlos França, and Patrícia Abravanel (daughter of Sílvio Santos). In addition, other important people were invited to attend this meeting. Look:

  • Pietro Labriola from Tim and Alberto Griselli from Tim Brasil;
  • Rubens Menin from Inter and MRV;
  • Flávio Rocha da Riachuelo;
  • Carlos Fonseca from Galápagos;
  • Alberto Leite from FS;
  • André Esteve of BTG Pactual;
  • Zeca Auriemo from the JHSF Group;
  • Rubens Ometto from Cosan;
  • Ricardo Faria from Granja Faria;
  • Jose Felix da Claro.

The meeting served to discuss the Conecta Amazônia Project and took place in the interior of SP, Porto Feliz. The chosen location was Fazenda Boa Vista, which has beautiful condominiums for upper class people.

It is hoped that this date will be marked in the lives of many Brazilians who need quality internet, and can receive it through Starlink. This project is interesting, and will benefit many Brazilians.

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