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What is the best thing to do in each lunar phase, according to astrologers

The Moon exerts, throughout its cycle, a force on people’s physical and mental energy, so it is possible to adjust our rhythm of life with each lunar phase. In the same way that humanity has tuned the lunar cycles to its primary activities, for example, the agricultural seasons, taking advantage of its effects on ourselves will have great benefits, astrologers say.

The complete cycle of the Moon lasts 28.5 days, time it takes to complete its orbit around the Earth. Throughout this period it seems to grow or shrink depending on its proximity to the Sun, hence the lunar phases are born, which are: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. Although for astrology there are 8 phases, the ones mentioned are the ones that have the most influence on us.

Astrologers explain that the phases of the Moon represent energetic ascents and descents, whose peaks are represented by the new moon and full moon, respectively. For this reason, the optimal time to start a practice is the new moon because, as our natural satellite gains light, it increases your energy and reaches its peak at full moon, and as your energy levels fade again, so does it. make.

What should be done in each lunar phase?

New Moon

The new moon in Gemini occurs on May 30.
In the new moon phase our natural satellite looks completely dark. Photo: Shutterstock

In this phase the moon and the sun are on the same side of the Earth, which astrologically means that they are in the same zodiac sign. With no light at all, this is the best time to wait, meditate, read, listen, and start a journal, according to an article on PureWow.com. Metaphorically, it is when we must plant the seeds of things that will begin to sprout as the cycle unfolds.

first quarter

Crescent quarter moon.
The Moon in its crescent phase. Photo: Shutterstock

This is when the Earth’s satellite begins to light up so it is the best time to manifest our intentions, take risks, schedule appointments, start projects and experience another style. In the metaphor of the seed is when the first shoots begin to be seen.

full moon

full moon effects
At full moon our natural satellite looks fully illuminated. Photo: Shutterstock

The energy we have put into our intentions reaches its peak. The goals begin to bear fruit. It’s the exact time to get going, impress, party and release. Astrologically, the Moon and the Sun are in opposite signs, so they are also periods of emotional sensitivity.

last quarter

The crescent moon is characterized by looking half dark and half illuminated.
The waning moon. Photo: Shutterstock

The moon begins to fade in the sky and that is when we reap the fruits of our labor. For this reason, it is time to analyze, correct the course if we went wrong, rest, share ideas and seek inspiration.

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